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This page is an export from the Private Eyes Google Wave I'd set up earlier in 2010. Since Wave is (eventually) going away, I will be merging this information into the other pages of this wiki as I go through and figure out what to use and what to discard. There should be no additions to this page; this information should be moved to other pages and added to their as need be.

Potential Story Hooks

  • Blood Witch Coven. Generally okay people (like any other self-supporting ganging group), but a couple of baddies, and the coven is trying to deal its own justice.
  • Free Spirit Association. A free spirit of some sort shows up unannounced on the agency doorstep. When Carol's character opens the door, it comes inside and just sits there, looking at her. She needs to figure out what it wants. Is it the client? The clue? The murder weapon?
  • Because We Needed Another One of Those. Newly-born dragon storyline?
  • Dunkelzahn's Will - Tradeus Manual. Jill Taylor shows up looking for help. Will said to start in Canal Park.
  • Bottled Demon. Would have to be tweaked somewhat to work, but the basic story arc and characters could be used mostly as is.
  • Dark Angel. Could basically be used as is, though the team would need NPC support and/or motivation for various parts. Could be that an existing NPC team hires the PCs for some good ol'-fashioned detectiving.

I love the lyrics to the song Dark Angel is singing in the opening text of this module. For some reason, I keep hearing it set to the melody of Billy Joel's Piano Man

  • Killer Weed. Rumors of Awakened plant that can mask or mitigate symptoms/side effects of (some illegal substance). Hired to find it (with NPC botanists who know something about it).
  • Cyber-where? A dude's cybernetic hand detached itself at the wrist and scuttled off while he was sleeping. Turns out it's illegal tech, a prototype, and everyone wants it back. The Decker/Rigger who initially hijacked it has lost control, and now it's crawling across town, apparently following someone else's program…

"Cool! Is this thing good to go?" "Yeah, just practice with a hot dog first. Otherwise, you might rip your dick off…" :)

  • Return Policy. A lot of bad Ares Alphas are falling into the hands of runners around Seattle lately. Ares wants to nip this thing before it starts to affect their reputation. The only problem is, they can't make a move to investigate directly without stepping on toes. Enter the runners!
  • Highest Bidder. Kent Anderson isn't bitter about the divorce. Nor the estate sale. That Ice Dragon he married is entitiled to half his stuff, he just wants out. The problem is, apparently there's some high-grade BTL hidden somewhere in the mansion. He has 24 hours to find it before the auction takes place… and the drug-runners come running for HIM.

Agencies and Entities

  • DIMR (Dunklezahn Institute of Magical Research)
  • KSAF (Seattle-area trideo news station; uncanny (Dunkelzahn-related) ability to get to stories as they happen
  • Ghostwalker?
  • Eventually, Ehran, Harlequin, and/or Frosty would be fun to include

If you want to include those three (particularly for the paranormal researchers game), you definitely want to look into the Dawn of the Artifacts series. It actually does introduce those three (mostly Frosty - the other two are either glipsed or briefly met in the third book - Harlequin's off-handed intro is hilarious) to characters in the 2070s. If you're planning to push back the Harlequin and Harlequin's Back modules, the Artifacts series will have to be tweaked or omitted.

Some References (Dumpshock):

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