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Story Seeds

Dem Bones

To the party who finds the bones of the dragon skeleton for which I possess the head, I offer two options. You may keep the bones, or turn them over to the Draco Foundation for a reward. All discoveries must be independently verified as dragon bones, such identification to be made by any living dragon. The Draco Foundation will assemble all pieces of the skeleton it receives and display the result in the Smithsonian Institution for the edification of the general public. My admittedly incomplete research indicates the following coordinates as likely locations for dragon bones: Latitude 41°, Longitude 121°; Latitude 41° 50n, Longitude 87° 45w; Latitude 47° 21n, Longitude 122° 12w; Latitude 19° 24n, Longitude 99° 9w; Latitude 65°, Longitude 130°; Latitude 39° 44n, Longitude 104° 59w.

There is no indication of which dragon's skeleton this might be; the great dragon All-Wings had her remains dismembered and cast throughout the land, but that was far from North America unless Dunkelzahn and Ghostwalker brought the pieces with them. In any event, the coordinates have been plotted on a GPS, giving approximate locations.

Coordinates Description
Latitude 41°, Longitude 121° Offshore of Seattle
Latitude 41° 50n, Longitude 87°45w North America, near Chicago
Latitude 47° 21n, Longitude 122° 12w Near Seattle; maybe in the Salish Shide or Tir Tairngire
Latitude 19° 24n, Longitude 99° 9w The Western Mountains of the Mexican Plateau
Latitude 65°, Longitude 130° Somewhere in the Algonkian-Manitou Council.
Latitude 39° 44n, Longitude 104° 59w Somewhere in the NAN, southern Rocky Mountains-meets-desert region. Nevada or Arizona maybe.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets

Hot Spots

DIMR funded development of some MacGuffin to analyze how natural nuclear reactors affect manascape. Need escort to get scientist and tools into Oklo, Gabon, Africa on the down-low.

Home Sweet Homes

To the first party to find my lair in the Caucasus Mountains, I leave its contents, including clues to the location of two other lairs. In the third lair, you will find a plain brown scroll case. Return the case to the Draco Foundation unopened, and you will receive my lucky preces foot. May it bring you all the good fortune it brought me.

In Earthdawn times, DUnkelzahn maintained lairs in the Caucasus Mountains. I do not know what the scroll case would contain or if it has been recovered. A preces is a type of Awakened, cannibalistic rabbit. So a lucky preces foot is like a lucky rabbit's foot, only moreso.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets

Ancient Chinese Secret

To the first party to develop a magic item that can be used by a mundane, I leave the medium-sized chunk of orichalcum I keep in my sock drawer at Lake Louise.

I do not know if this bequest has been claimed yet. I also don't know how large "medium-sized" is when referring to orichalcum, or why a dragon needs a sock drawer.

Maybe someone finds some information suggesting that some ancient artifact might contain information about how to do this.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets

Dig Site

To the University of Cheyenne, I leave 100,000 nuyen and a detailed map of the archaeological site near the town of Oraibi. Excavate with care.

Oraibi is a very important Hopi cultural site and pueblo, almost a thousand years old, located in what was Northern Arizona.

The University of Cheynne in the Sioux Nation is most well-known for their high-tech programs, rather than any archealogical focus.

What would someone find there that would cause them to hire someone to pull it? This would be an urgent run.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets, Shadows of North America/

The Sword in the Lake

The Draco Foundation comes across some information about a possible location for Excalibur. The team is told to find it and return it to a given location in France, where (unbeknownst to them) Har'lea'Quinn and a DF representative will pick it up from them. Need to flesh this out further, and this would be a later mission.


Team is sent to retrieve an artifact from a team exploring the seabed in the Mediterranean. The artifact turns out to be a device similar to but even more complex than the Antikythera Mechanism. During the mission, it starts to move/activate - but what does it do, what triggered it, etc.?


Something starts acting up in the ruins of Cahokia. *murmurmurmur* mystical *murmur* phenomena. The team hears about this through back channels - maybe there's some artifact in the mounds that's causing these *murmurmurmur*. Unfortunately, other people - researchers and graverobbers both - have heard about the phenomena and have come to the same conclusion….

Ghosts of Mistakes Past

One of the Enemy managed to partly cross the bridge the Azzies were building just as The Big D was putting that rift to bed. The thing went into a torpor of sorts, scattered and damaged on the astral. The comet (2061) woke it, and it managed to slowly pull itself together. It's been trying to break through the rest of the way since about 2069, and recently something is starting to show - odd phenomena, mana sinks, or something (needs fleshing out). Attracts attention, maybe mistaken for/interacting with some sort of artifact (best would be early reactivation of an artifact, which would attract other salvage hunters and the team.

Needs fleshing out as to what the enemy is (or, more accurately, what's left of it). Also need some rival teams - Azzies, dragon-backed, elf-backed (LM?).

7/10 Split

Speed Demon doesn't really have the entirety of the skillset he would have required when working for his Aztechnology overlords. He also wasn't born the "normal" way for a free spirit (that is, if any spirit birth can really be considered "normal"). I'm considering the possibility that the mana spike that birthed Speed Demon actually split him traumatically, but neither "half" of the resulting spirit knows at this point. If anyone ever figures this out, they may begin trying to track down the other portion of Speed Demon. Open questions:

  1. Where is the other part?
  2. What is he like?
  3. What would happen if he and Speed Demon came into close proximity of one another or even in contact with one another?

If I decide to use this seed, I will need to draw up a complementary free spirit character.

Other Things To Consider

  1. Nazca Lines
  2. Mu/Lemuria (Pacific Atlantis)
  3. Research on how the Aborigines deal with the mana storms in the outback
    1. Ayers Rock (Uluru) - off-limits; get in to retrieve info about cave paintings, telesma, etc.?
    2. Alice Springs?
    3. Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) - off-limits holy site; get in and find out why?
    4. Lake Mungo?
    5. See Target: Awakened Lands
    6. Need to look online for what canon has been added about these sites
  4. Anasazi ruins in the PCC (again, T: AL)
  5. See Threats 2 for possible story seeds
  6. See YotC/WotC for possible information on artifacts, magical phenomena, etc.

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