Faela Village

Faela Village is the nortwestern-most settlement of any size of the Faeon-speaking humans. The village itself is reasonably sizable as those villages go with more than 100 buildings in the village proper. The village sees significant trade in furs, skins, meats, and fish, since some of the best cold-weather gear comes from hunters roaming to the north. Hearty cold-weather crops grow well in the relatively-rich soil, allowing the village to maintain enough food stores to keep itself in case of particularly harsh winters.

Aside from its location, very little serves to make the forest village properly defensible. As with most Faeon villages, the defensive strategy in case of raids depends on the hunter-scouts (many of whom are rangers, druids, and similar) and the ability of the villagers to either flee rapidly or defend themselves using forest guerrilla tactics. Nearly everyone in the forest vilalges of the Faeon, Faela included, has trained in survival, hunting, and basic fighting since they are old enough to hold a knife.


Every winter, roughly mid-January through mid-February, many of the rangers and druids in the area come together for a series of sporting days in various villages. The culmination of this series of sporting events often occurs in Faela, but even when the culmination is not hosted there, one of the major games will be. The rangers and druids compete in "bearsketball", a game that originally evolved from the types of training exercises they would use to ensure their animal companions are well-suited for any protective duties they may be called upon to perform.

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