Falls Deep

Interlude: Winter Break

After nearly a full year of near-constant adventuring, the party returns to Sundtar Agamm, Geskas Andan, Akihito-Remi, and similar areas for the winter. Aside from a little time dedicated to travel and trade, the party has decided that they want to devote some time to study and crafting. Additionally, with the new party members, they need to get to know one another, develop their relationships, and understand what one another can do so that they can work together better in battle.

Shiny New Toys

Maleos invests some time into teaching some spells to the party's mages. Then we collaborate develop the Quadruple Colossal Resist Energy (Fire) ritual. It lasts for almost 2 hours, which means we could easily cast it and re-prepare the spent spell, even while traveling. We could do this with Mythic Improved Invisibility, too, but it would take longer to cast and last a tenth as long. Still, at 2 miles out, that's a hell of a lot of ballista bolts pelting the enemy leader.

The spellcasters worked together to develop a ritualized version of energy resistance, allowing protection against fire for the Thunderhead

Shop 'till you stop

Maleos throws in some of his savings, as does Darias, to equip some of the new party members. That plus the spoils of the most recent trading allows the party to build and acquire some new equipment, mostly targeted at the newest members (Thema's crew) since Aida and Yoshirou-Mura had already invested their hard-earned savings in helping Finnbarre to some extent. Maleos, Darias, and Carbry did most of the crafting on these items, though other party members threw in at times; some items, less important ones, were even hired out in order to allow the party to finish everything on schedule.

Darias-built items:

  1. Finn
    1. +1 keen aelphin lightblade
    2. +1 dagger
    3. Finn's chain shirt goes to +1
    4. ring of protection +1
    5. amulet of natural armor +1
  2. Khalil
    1. 2x +1 flaming dagger
      1. 1x bowie, 1x double-edged throwing
    2. boots of striding and springing
  3. Thema
    1. Thema's longsword +2 merciful
    2. Replace Thema's shield with mithril heavy shield +2
      1. starburst center; smaller deity symbols arrayed around (Islander symbols)
  4. Klementyna
    1. Klementyna's mace goes to +1 demonbane of spell storing; also incorporates rod of lesser extend (3/day, extend 1st-3rd spell for free)
    2. Ring of protection +1
    3. Amulet of natural armor +1
    4. lv 2 scroll x2
      1. vertigo
      2. mute
    5. lv 4 scroll x1
      1. Beast Shape II
    6. String of hair beads
      1. tiny figures representing the full party
      2. not yet enchanted, but plan was to eventually enchant them to indicate where the person is when you invoke them
  5. Carbry
    1. The party purchased materials for Carbry so that he could begin to reenchant his staff
  6. Salvatrix
    1. lv 2 scroll x2
      1. mirror image
      2. protection from arrows
    2. lv 4 scroll
      1. fire shield
    3. ring of protection +2, but as a left bracer
    4. amulet of natural armor +1, but as a right bracer
    5. cloak of resistance +2 with endure elements so she can wear it even in hotter weather
    6. +1 spear, changeling
      1. shortspear, spear, longspear, quarterstaff, 10' pole, or cane forms
      2. switches between forms on command word
  7. winged brooches - single use feather fall
    1. 20 on board ship
    2. and everyone gets 1
    3. the rest remaining on the ship

Thema's Shield

This is the conversation that Thema has with Darias after he presents her new shield to her.

Thema: after looking at the symbols for a long moment "Where are you from?"
Darias: "A long, long way away."
T: "Seems true. Not to the east, though. Even if I couldn't see the lie in that, the mere fact that Maleos says east makes me think south or west."
D: Darias doesn't like lying to his friends. Anyone, really. He remains silent, but that made him uncomfortable. (Bluff bonus +7 for an idea of how good he is at hiding that.)
T: "Hmm. You're all quite protective of your homeland."
D: "We don't have demons there. We'd like to make sure it stays that way. No offense intended."
T: "That… seems impossible, actually."
D: "After all I've been through, I'd have to agree."
T: "If your homeland is free of demons, why come here?"
D: Darias points to the large symbol at the top of her shield, the image of Pelor. "That one. Made it clear to us that we had to go."
T: "And that one is..?" (Darias told her about the symbols' divinity but had not yet gone into full detail about each.)
D: "Pelor. Sun and healing."
T: "Ahh. Who we would call ' Nkanyiso', if we are to believe they are the same. And the one… that you… claim to believe travels with us. Perhaps that is unfair. I can see that he is not human, but… I am not certain I can fully believe that he is a god."
D: "I don't think that's what he is" He looks up and uhs, looking for a metaphor. "If I understand everything he said. Think of Saul as a marionette. A puppet carved in the shape of the puppeteer, dressed as him, and given a small measure of his power. I think that might be the only way the 'gods' can exist in this world. Who knows…" He pauses, and regards the symbol. "And from what I understand, when Saul has served his purpose, the strings get cut."
T: she's silent for a moment, then grunts a 'huh' "Well… you've certainly given me a lot to think about…."
D: He looks to the shield… "If you'd prefer, I can reforge the symbols to something else."
T: considers that for a minute "No, this seems… appropriate." thoughtfully

Festival Day

The PCs teleport to a Faeon village named Faela that Thema and company have been to before. Their plan is to sell some of their rum and fey wine there, something they've been trying to spread around the area so as to not flood any one market and to allow them to continue producing magical items. Upon their arrival in the town, though, they see an empty village. Over the winter wind, they hear screams and shouts and the meaty sounds of battle.

Springing into action, Maleos turns the party invisible and links them with lesser telepathic bond. The party's scouts sprint toward the south, maneuvering through the thick forest toward the sounds. Yoshirou-Mura, with her magically-augmented speed, reaches the scene first with the two rogues not far behind. At the sound of her laughter in their heads, the party regroups to reconsider, moving forward cautiously but with weapons still stowed. As they break into a small clearing, they find a roped-off area with what seems to be the entirety of the village arrayed around it. Men and women with green and brown vests on run along the ropes, eyes fixed on the field behind them. Inside the field, bears and wolves incongruously draped in either red or blue ribbon slam into one another, swiping and biting. Some even bear armor and weapons custom-fit for them - claw sheaths and armored collars, for example. In the air, similarly be-ribboned falcons and owls flit from tree to tree, a couple clutching oddly-shaped buckets in their talons for some reason.

The PCs, realizing this is a sport of some sort, lower their magical shrouds and inquire about the rules. They watch the game, and in a stroke of good timing, the blue team swipes their bucket from the trees and drops it in front of their bears, who quickly shovel the rock into it, winning the match. The crowd erupts in cheers and boos, money changing hands as the teams bring themselves down and exit the field to receive some minor healing. Having now seen the game, Maleos and Darias inquire about whether or not they could polymorph into animals and participate in a loose pickup game with some of the players in order to better understand the game (Maleos as a drake and Darias as a wolfhound). The reds who participate, smarting from their loss, rally to give Darias's side the win and to regain some of their lost pride.

As this is a festival day for the village (with the rangers and druids from the game in town, everyone is in a celebratory mood), the party easily sells their wares. They also make good contacts within this village for later on should they ever return.

Still to write up:

  • Aida and YM are doing training with some of the rangers and whatnot - archery, single combat, animal handling, etc.
  • various others doing various other things

Into the Badlands

With their self-imposed winter vacation finally coming to an end, the party begins to strategize how to get to their destination without flying or teleporting through any mana storms in the Badlands. After some discussion, the party just decides to fly around the long way - through the south pass near Akihito-Remi, then over the plains to the Great Lake, finally turning north and then back west to skirt the Badlands and reach the relatively safe landing strip of the Salt Lake. This safer route takes an additional week or so to fly, but it keeps the Thunderhead safe from the unpredictable mana storms that could tear into its enchantments.

After landing, the party spends a few days in the legion camps near the lake gathering supplies; they've decided to rely on pure magic for survival as little as possible. Proving out through the border guards is relatively easy for the party now; after nearly four years of battle-hardening, even Maleos has a fighting chance in hand-to-hand combat with an orc recruit. That leaves only the final hurdle of actually reaching the Maelstrom.

Over the next week, the party becomes intimately reacquainted with the many minor annoyances of overland travel: setting up and breaking camp, cooking, dealing with weather, and of course, the endless walking. The hundred-mile hike leads to some quite predictable self-grumbling for choosing this route, but without significant time pressure, the party can at least take the hike slowly and not push themselves to more than 15 or so miles per day.

The First Delve

The nearest legion camp to the Maelstrom is nearly 10 miles outside of the nominal edge of the storm, which leads to a long day's hike to even reach Thema's cavern, 8 miles into the storm. The party can make it to and from the cavern in a day, assuming they don't spend too much time inside the caverns themselves, but doing so definitely qualifies as a forced-march. In order to improve their odds of not having to camp within the Maelstrom (or outside of the protection of the Legions), the party sets off very early in the morning - even before the orc patrol that analyzes the "weather." Thankfully, there aren't any roaming demons in the area for now.

The party reaches the capstone covering the entrance that Thema and company used, realizing that someone else must have passed by afterward to re-cover the entrance with the multi-ton capstone. The party wedges and removes the capstone, then sends Aida down with some alchemical lights and a long rope to secure their entry into the first level of the caverns. Once in, the party pokes around in the entrance caverns a little, securing themselves to one another to prevent potentially disastrous falls like the one that resulted in Thema's illness. They manage to pull together some debris, recovering some gems and coins from the obvious remains of a battle in the cavern entrance. Poking around to the north, though, the party is ambushed by things that look sort of like mantid-demons that have been bulked up by massive rocky plates all over their exoskeletons. The creatures manage to lay a significant beat down on the party at first, but a few carefully-considered spells and some lucky blows from Aida, Yoshirou-Mura, Darias, and Khalil bring down most of the attackers; Finnbarre's invocation of a earth-based abjurative power of some sort saves Maleos great pain as his skin is coated with some form of metal just before one of the insectoid hulks lays into him. The metal armor deflects the majority of the attack, giving Maleos the somewhat unique (for him) experience of taking a punch without falling down afterward.

Having defeated the mantid-like creatures, the party is barely able to move further into the cavern before they're assaulted further by blobby things apparently made of pulsing fire. They begin blindly throwing fireballs at anyone they can see, and the party once more throws themselves into battle, risking more spells to provide some fire resistance. During the battle, more of the mantids show up, burrowing up through the ground to ambush Kalil and Salvatrix. A risky rush by Yoshirou-Mura and Aida saves the two, though not without both fighters taking significant wounds themselves. Maleos, eyeballing the battle, notices something odd about the fire-creatures; they seems to be pulsing with evocation magic, and when killed, they just shatter like a dispelled spell.

After the battle seems to finally be over, the party investigates the odd, glowing, wavy, shimmering rift floating in the air. Maleos and Saul begin to debate what to do about what Maleos describes as a strong evocation source slowly growing stronger, but before they can come to a full decision, Aida punches the air and shatters whatever the effect was.

Having gone through something of a difficult battle, the party retreats to the entrance cavern and decides to poke around at where Thema fell. Aida sends Moxie down to scout, and she eventually comes back looking quite sick; Saul detects that she's been exposed to some form of poison and checks her out. Aida comes up with a clever idea on how to recover some of the poison and heads down, affixing an empty flask to her hammer with some alchemical glue and tossing it into the poison cloud before summoning her hammer back to her and quickly capping off the flask. After a bit of further debate, the party realizes that they've been down in the caverns a couple of hours and have at least another 5 hours of hiking back to the legion camp ahead of them. Aida gathers a few additional things she's found around the entrance cavern, including the identifying marks from an orc body still in the cavern and a couple of spell-rigged bird-heads that spew fire when triggered. Tired, beat up, and concerned about the level of danger in these caverns, the party then leaves the cavern, replacing the capstone.

Returning to the legion camp late at night, the party notices that there were three flags hanging from the central tent, denoting a "category 3 day1" in the Maelstrom. Not the worst possible storm, but significant, and it's somewhat heartening to know they've survived a fairly significant storm.

After a day of rest, the casters note that memorizing spells is much more difficult than they're used to, and the fighters and rogues feel quite stiff and sore from the battle. Persistent head and muscle aches come and go, interrupting the party's ability to function normally, and no healing spells seem to help. The party decides to rest and recover until they feel whole again, and during that time they try to learn some new spells and make more useful materials (alchemical and otherwise) for their second foray into the caverns. Five days pass before they're once again feeling whole and possibly ready to try again.

The Second Delve

Coming Soon

updates already made - PC XP; everyone gained 1 mythic trial (or more, for lower-tier characters)

Treasure Haul

These items were collected by the party as a whole. This doesn't include any objects collected directly by individual party members. Distribution of this treasure has not yet been decided.

  1. Divine Nectar
    1. The magical water from the caverns in the Maelstrom was toxic if too much was drunk (generally, more than a flask or two within 24 hours, though it depended on Constitution). In an effort to stabilize the mixture alchemically, Saul mixed a sample with a sample of the lichen he'd collected from Erythnul's Cavern. In doing so, he created a sample of divine nectar, a sweet-tasting syrup with various magical healing properties. Since this mixture was significantly more potent than the water itself and was stable over the long term, Saul mixed the rest of the collected water up as well. The PCs had nearly 400 "doses" of water to begin with, but they paid the orcs with around 1002. Another 75 were used to cure the manaburn from their second day of combat in the Maelstrom. This left the party with 200 doses of divine nectar.
    2. This fragrant, potent mead is meant to be consumed in small doses. Consuming nectar of the gods is a standard action that restores 1d4+1 uses of mythic power to a mythic creature (up to the creature's maximum). If a non-mythic creature consumes this drink, it works like the heroism spell, lasting for 24 hours; mythic creatures can choose this effect rather than the mythic power restoration if desired. If used to support enchantment of a reasonably-related item (quenching fluid for smithing, the base for a potion or a paint, etc.), a dose provides 5,000 gp worth of enchantment value.
    3. 200 doses collected (total value: 1,000,000 gp)
  2. The Blood of Erythnul
    1. This gold-and-red swirled liquid was hidden below an orcish monument of some sort in the location the PCs called Erythnul's Cavern.
    2. The liquid reacted violently with a telekinetic force spell effect, splashing Carbry and Salvatrix with a few oz apiece. Carbry seemed wreathed in liquid golden fire for a full minute, while the blood just soaked into Salvatrix's skin. Both casters were petrified, locked in a paralytic rigor for nearly 2 hours before passing into a limp, weakened state that took days to recover from. This exposure triggered their mythic ascendance, and other effects might have been triggered by this action as well.
    3. 1 oz collected (total value: unknown)
  3. Axeblade Fragments
    1. The PCs collected a fragment of a very large axeblade. The fragment broke off of the hook (or heel) of the axe. The hook was attached to a collar around the haft of the axe; the collar was studded with spikes of some sort (possibly for parrying, possibly just for decoration). All told, the PCs collected around 1/3 of the collar, with one and a portion of another spike that would have been attached to that portion of the collar. The spikes are nearly a 19" long; the fragment of the heel the PCs recovered was almost a foot long. Extrapolating from the size of the heel and collar, the axe was likely Huge in size and may have been more like a halberd than a one-handed battleaxe.
    2. The blade consists primarily of steel and brightsteel, but it is laced with titanium, argia, and veneresite.
    3. The item that originally wounded Thema was likely a portion of one of the broken collar-spikes, though based on the wound's size, it couldn't have been the entire spike.
    4. 3 or 4 lb of blade collected (total value: unknown)
  4. Shattered Metal Fragments
    1. The PCs collected some shards of a very large blade or rod of some sort. The fragments are oddly colored for metal, being more purplish than silvery. Darias wasn't immediately familiar with most of the constituent elements of the blade, which included titanium, boron, aluminum, gallium arsenide, copper, iron, uranium, neodymium, and tin.
    2. None of the fragments are larger than a toothpick, and none fit nicely together; to Darias, it sort of looks like when he experimented with magically deep-freezing steel and then hitting it quickly and sharply with a hammer, shattering and distorting it in the process.
    3. 2 or 3 lb of shards collected, none larger than a a fraction of an oz (total value: unknown)
  5. Semiprecious Stones
    1. TODO: get these amounts from PCs. a few around 25 gp ea, and a few around 300 gp ea, I think

Darias and Thema Conversation

pasted directly from Hangouts - needs to be edited/cleaned up

Christopher Ellison
I need to go through my to-do items from What the Pluck still, but did you have specific stuff you needed to talk to Thema about on her shield?
Ted Piening
I thought Thema was the one who had questions…
about the gods
and how they were depicted.
Christopher Ellison
Yes, she does. I just wanted to see if you had specific things you wanted to tell her before they were asked
Ted Piening
Not before… Darias was uncomfortable about what will have happened to Thema, but was keeping the secret because he thought it was necessary to protect the knowledge of Isle from getting out. However, now that Thema and her group are joining them and sacrificing with them… So, Darias is not always nice.(He's basically a slightly milder version of Gregory House) He's prickly. But he's very ethical. And individualism and friendship are very important to him. Once you prove you've got integrity and you earn his respect, you're in the circle. Right now, Thema and everyone else are really pushing their way against the edge of the circle. If, next session, Thema manages to perform an act of self-sacrifice (jump in front of a bullet, etc… I know, Thema? Sacrifice?) that saves Darias's life, or better yet, Aida's… THEN she asks him. Honestly, he'll probably tell HER everything that happened.
Unless that happens, he's probably going to try to hold back.
with effort, but try to hold onto the… artful concealment of the truth.
Christopher Ellison
In that case, her first question will be the one she's been asking Maleos every time he annoys her. *after looking at the symbols for a long moment* "Where are you from?"
Ted Piening
When is she asking him?
Christopher Ellison
Likely when you've presented the shield to her, after you've described the symbols as divine."
Ted Piening
"A long, long way away."
Christopher Ellison
"Seems true. Not to the east, though. Even if I couldn't see the lie in that, the mere fact that Maleos says east makes me think south or west."
Ted Piening
Darias doesn't like lying to his friends. Anyone, really. He remains silent, but that made him uncomfortable. (Bluff bonus +7 for an idea of how good he is at hiding that.)
Christopher Ellison
"Hmm. You're all quite protective of your homeland."
Ted Piening
"We don't have demons there. We'd like to make sure it stays that way. No offense intended."
Christopher Ellison
"That… seems impossible, actually."
Ted Piening
"After all I've been through, I'd have to agree."
Christopher Ellison
"If your homeland is free of demons, why come here?"
Ted Piening
Darias points to the large symbol at the top of her shield, the image of Pelor. "That one. Made it clear to us that we had to go."
Does not say "that one" overly fondly, though not as harshly as he could have.
Christopher Ellison
"And that one is..?" (assuming you haven't already gone over everything for her.)
Like, assuming you said they were divine symbols but haven't broken it all down in detail yet
Ted Piening
I figured the symbols for Pelor, like the name, were close enough that she'd be able to recognize it. But he would have told her what they were if she didn't know. (The ones she favors most are largest and nearest the top, encircling the starburst.)
Christopher Ellison
Her symbols are different, and she'd not assume without confirming.
Ted Piening
He would have told her, then.
Christopher Ellison
"Ahh. Who we would call ' Nkanyiso', if we are to believe they are the same. And the one… that you… claim to believe travels with us."
"Perhaps that is unfair. I can see that he is not human, but… I am not certain I can fully believe that he is a god."
Ted Piening
"I don't think that's what he is" He looks up and uhs, looking for a metaphor. "If I understand everything he said. Think of Saul as a marionette. A puppet carved in the shape of the puppeteer, dressed as him, and given a small measure of his power. I think that might be the only way the 'gods' can exist in this world. Who knows…" He pauses, and regards the symbol. "And from what I understand, when Saul has served his purpose, the strings get cut."
Christopher Ellison
she's silent for a moment, then grunts a 'huh' "Well… you've certainly given me a lot to think about…."
Ted Piening
He looks to the shield… "If you'd prefer, I can reforge the symbols to something else."
Christopher Ellison
SHe considers that for a minute, then says, "No, this seems… appropriate."
Ted Piening
How does she say that last part?
Christopher Ellison
Ted Piening
He hands her the shield.
How did she react to the sword?
Christopher Ellison
She's a little bit wistful about that, actually, which seems an odd reaction to a sword
Ted Piening
I'll let you decide if he already gave it to her, or if he still needs to.
Darias looks concerned… "Is this not helpful?… I was under the impression you were struggling with the blade before reforging, because you didn't want to kill your opponents."
(he gave it the merciful quality)
Christopher Ellison
"Oh! Oh, no, this is quite thoughtful and very appropriate. My ng.. my previous blade, she also had this enchantment. Too many times people force you to fight, but… I like to believe they cannot force you to kill."
The second part was kinda more to herself than to Darias
Ted Piening
Christopher Ellison
*smiles to herself* "Do you not personify your closest tools?"
Ted Piening
"I have to say, I never was much for the habit of naming everyday items. Although, know that I'm working on things like the Thunderhead, I think I can get the appeal."
he grins
"What manner of blade was 'she?'" he says. "I take it she was a magic blade."
Christopher Ellison
"Yes, enchanted. A horseman's blade, a style I haven't really seen outside of the southlands. Middling length, heavy bladed with a slightly hooked end. Quite a vicious thing, usually, but this one was enchanted to balance that out. Vicious against demons, yet… I don't know the right word. Almost protective of those who had just… chosen poorly."
"They were given a chance to learn. That learning involved some pain at times, but… still, a chance to learn and grow from it."
Ted Piening
"If we can get more funds or locate the proper materials, I may be able to imbue this blade with that quality." He gestures to another a familiar mace… "I'm currently forging the magical lines to do just that with Klementyna's mace."
Christopher Ellison
"May your hammer strike true, then. We can use all the help we can get."
Ted Piening
As she turns and begins leaving, he looks up from the forge and his new tapping on Klem's mace… "Oh, and I can rework that sword into a horseman's blade if you ever want something more familiar to swing."
Christopher Ellison
"Wouldn't you need to see one first?"
Ted Piening
(Sorry, that was a good tag line, but he didn't get a chance to offer to get the weapon to a state that she would prefr.)
"Yes, ideally." He smiles. "Show me what you want, and I'll show you some _real_ magic."
Christopher Ellison
"Just because Klementyna…"
Ted Piening
Both I and Darias look confused.
Not sure what that meant.
Christopher Ellison
(tell me what you want and I'll show you some real magic - dirty)
Ted Piening
ah… he said it more boast-y, less breast-y.
I'm not really sure how to parse the phrase though. Could you kinda decribe her tone and rephrase it to clarify?
Not sure how Darias would respond.
Christopher Ellison
Actually, which language would he have said it in? I assume Riersche, but if he was saying it in kgosi, she's less likely to misunderstand him. ☺
Ted Piening
Depends. They're all second languages to him, so it doesn't matter much. If she prefers to keep everyone speaking the same language, he can do that (we probably would do that, siince everyone can speak it). However, if she communicate significantly better in k'gosi, he'd use that, sincce he takes his work very seriously. (Also, are the newly mythic guys picking up languages all fast and shit now?)
Christopher Ellison
Nope! YM and Finn have to study
Ted Piening
So Saul, Aida, Maleos and Darias are the only ones with the polyglot puissance?
Christopher Ellison
And since you guys deliberately declared you're keeping Islanderspeak limited, even YM hasn't yet really picked that language up
Ted Piening
Huh. Interesting. Maybe they'll develop that later…
Christopher Ellison
Well, they weren't present for the ritual….
Ted Piening
Anywho, if she's made it clear that k'gosi is better for her when she's with someone who speaks it, he'd go k'gosi. Otherwise, Riersche.
Christopher Ellison
Riersche is the common language for Thema's little crew.
But also, Riersche is the language Thema's been oddly propositioned the most in.
Ted Piening
Well, if that's what she speaks…

So… "I'll show you some _real_ magic."
and she responds…
Oh, I think I get it…
Christopher Ellison
I figured she'd start saying, "Hey, uhh, just because Klementyna" and then Darias would probably interrupt that thought
Ted Piening
she was saying as the prelude to "doesn't mean we're all harlots" or something like that?
Christopher Ellison
"is banging Maleos etc etc"
Ted Piening
no nonverbal information is hard
Christopher Ellison
"I'm already with Khalil, etc. etc"
Ted Piening
Her "Just because Klementyna…" Darias: "Not that kind of… that's not even magic. That's just a fun evening. THIS…" he holds up his hammer and gestures to the workshop around him "is magic."
Christopher Ellison
"Oh. Real magic. Yes. Okay. Not drunk bar.. nevermind. Thank you."
(If you ever ask her about this or learn more about her: her first profession was city guard in a Rierscher city. Mostly dealing with thefts and drunken idiots.)
All right, I gotta get to bed. Damn work in the morning, and I get to do a bunch of repetitive shit that just needs to get done. Yay me.10:57 PM

The Third Delve

PCs decide to wait for a category 1 day and risk teleporting to the surface entrance. Only had to wait a week, then successful teleport.

Detailed notes below, here's where we left off last time:

Christopher E. (GM): You guys killed off like 4 portals; dealt with the electrical evocation lake a bit, dealt with the water conjuration lake including that portal, dealt with the fire conjuration portal… Found a group of sandspiders. Dealt with the acid conjuration portal. Were exploring to the southwest
Christopher E. (GM): Amethyst: 5' column was 8k; 7' was 10k; Smaller ones were 512 x25 gp; Amethyst geodes were like 6 worth about 2500 gp each; Rubies - 3 columns worth 10k each, smaller rubies 10 worth about 850gp each


  • Saul has burned 4
  • Salvatrix has burned 3
  • Aida has burned 9, but drank 8 doses worth of mythic power from the spring (can drink up to CON score before getting sick)
  • Maleos has burned 18, but drank 8 doses worth of mythic power (ditto max)
  • Darias has burned 10, but drank 8 doses (ditto max)
  • Finn burned 2
  • Carbry burned 1

The party encounters a passageway with moisture seeping from cracks in walls. The floor is covered with thick a mossy plant that glistens in the moistness. It's a very thick mat of moss. Very oily. Very slick. Darius wants Aida to make it safe with pitons and ropes for everyone to cross. Aida asks the group if they want to move forward.

The NPCs have mixed opinions. Thema's group is cautious because this place is dangerous and because of their horrible history in these walls. Carbry is the only one who is a little excited about finding more magical items down here. But even he is still cautious.

YM is committed to our party, and Finn is more than willing to follow YM anywhere. Saul is of the opinion that we have found things in this area that will be helpful (have already) but caution always warranted, and since we don’t know what’s ahead it might be prudent to stop and do a little bit of recon if we can.

Mal wants Saul to look at the moss.

Saul's analysis: the mos is mildly toxic, so probably don’t eat it. If you did you’d need to throw it up and not feel great but not toxic enough to kill you unless you like ate an entire salad of it. The oil that covers it is very slick and is also flammable. That oil might be a useful bi-product of the moss for making incendiaries of some sort.

Saul also says this whole area is a web of caves. There might be another way to get around this area if we don’t want to mess with this passageway.

The voice of god reminds us that Darius has hammer divination whatever he called that power. The tunnel sensing power.

Mal creates a passage through the rock to go east. We go back to the main room we always enter into. Then head right and down a little. We spot a crystal something that’s glowing about torch intensity or a little brighter. It’s off to the left. Kind of a bluish color, paler than quartz. We finally get it loose. We now have a blue quartz column wrapped in stone that probably weighs a ton when it’s normal size. It is currently holding 30 dice of electrical damage.

Eventually we make it through the metal beam things from the right side and go thru. We found a room with a big pit of purple dead worm things to the right (at least dead was what Moxie indicated when I had her scout it out). Then fire creatures appeared from the northwest.

Something’s venting very hot air thru cracks in the surface and that’s where the flame creatures appear to be coming from.

Eventually we go back into the room with the worms and fire and Mal (temporarily) walls off the fire guys so we can search the room. But that never happens because someone appears to either be using a big torch on the wall or using the fire guys as a torch to melt through the wall. It's working. We book it out of there.

As the rest of the party goes back to camp/airship, Aida meets with her Orcish contacts. The Orc scholars say the legions sometimes find these areas in the maelstrom and when they do, they make sure they’re blocked off because in their experiences that’s a lot of demons coming out of there or other such dangers. Keeping them blocked off is best for everyone. While they have occasionally sent search parties into them they’re often so dangerous around the maelstrom they just block it off and don’t explore. They truly only ever explore the caverns furthest from wild magic effects.

Saul gives his worm analysis. They were lanced, obviously with something very, very small. Some perforated at an angle, others shot through completely. Seems like worms were immobilized or it moved really quickly to kill so many at once. Saul says it looks less like combat and more like ritualistic murder.

The Fourth Delve

Next good day we go back. New scorch marks on walls and floors. Other than that not much different. We flask up with our holy water shit.

And that's where we end it on Feb. 18, 2017.

FIXME add notes from session on 3/25

FIXME add notes on demons


  1. Talk to Carol about orc stuff (due to armor insignia she recovered)
    1. document notes from during session
  2. add notes to pc wiki on orc representations of gods
    1. Boccob: serpent
    2. Ehlonna: drake
    3. Erythnul: orc warrior
    4. Fharlanghn: pegasus
    5. Heironyous: vulture
    6. Hextor: sandspider
    7. Nerull: scarab beetle
    8. Olidammara: coyote
    9. Pelor: scrub brush
  3. write up session notes
    1. "insect" fight and Aida scaring them off
    2. dive through "anus", poison issues
    3. splitting the party and skeleton fights
    4. heading to the "dead zone" area and seeing the slenderpeople
    5. the well of many magicks
    6. the story-cavern and its fight, then the story itself
    7. the hidden cavern of Erythnul - salvatrix and carbry's god-blood exposure
    8. leaving and recovering


  1. determine loot split/usage
  2. PC-NPC interactions?
  3. Update notes for Fourth Delve (session from 3/25)
Party Member XP Gained Trials Completed Loot Listed on Wiki? Planned Spending Listed? PC Updated on Wiki? PC Updated on Roll20?
Aida 4,073 XP 2 Trials Yes Yes Yes Yes
Darias 4,073 XP 2 Trials Yes Yes Yes No
Maleos 4,073 XP 2 Trials Yes No No No
Saul 4,073 XP 2 Trials No No Yes Yes
Yoshirou-Mura 4,073 XP 2 Trials No No Yes Yes
Finnbarre 5,673 XP 2 Trials No No Yes Yes
Thema 5,673 XP 2 Trials No No Yes Yes
Khalil 5,673 XP 2 Trials No No Yes Yes
Klementyna 5,673 XP 2 Trials No No Yes Yes
Carbry 6,982 XP 2 Trials No No Yes Yes
Salvatrix 9,600 XP 2 Trials No No Yes Yes

Planned Spending

As of the end of Falls Deep Part 2 (end of 2016), the PCs had dead on 1,000.000 gp to spend on enchanting items. About 75,000 to 100,000 of that (15 to 20 nectar doses) were planned to be set aside for the party's use since each dose can restore mythic power uses without requiring rest.

Update 3/26: Klementyna used another 5,000 gp of that loot to power a restoration spell to pull Saul's ass out of the fire when fighting the necromantic spell-forms in the Fourth Delve. Also, the PCs pulled out more loot during the fourth delve - the PCs have the notes on the specifics, which need to be added here.

As for the rest of the money, this is how the party planned to spend it:

Party Member Item Description Base Item Cost
Thunderhead Cloud Shroud Ultra: cloaks the Thunderhead itself in a 100'-diameter cloud and generates other similar clouds in 1 mile radius 111,000
Thema3 Horseman's Blade: Addition of +5 Handle Animal and +5 Ride to Thema's blade 5,000
Carbry Staff Enchancements: Any money given to Carbry could easily go to staff enhancements. For ~12,000 gp, he could double its charges. For ~4,750 gp, he could add a line-based multi-elemental attack. For ~2,500-5,000 gp, he could enhance its self-protection (though if given more he can do more there as well). For ~3,000 gp, he can raise it to a +2, or 8,000 gp to get to +3. He has other ideas as well, such as allowing himself to hide it on his person as a stick-pin (I'd have to do the shrink item math for cost on that). 2,000+
Yoshirou-Mura Eagle Eyes: Enhancements to her goggles would cost between 7,500 gp and 17,500 gp, or even as high as 27,500 gp if she wants additional range on her farsight. 7,500+
Moxie Headband of Vast Intelligence: Any Intelligence bonus. 4,000-16,000
Salvatrix Hummingbird's Token: Bonus to flight skill checks of +5 to +10. 2,500-10,000
Darias +1 Brightsteel Chain to +5 Brightsteel Chain 12,000 gp
Darias Ring of Deflection +2 4,000 gp
Darias Amulet of Natural Armor +2 4,000 gp
Darias Vest of Resistance +3 4,500 gp
Darias Goggles of Minute Seeing - +5 to Disable Device checks 1,250 gp
Darias Potion of Cure Serious Wounds x6 2,250 gp
Darias Ring of Deflection +1 (Torin) 2,000 gp
Darias Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (Torin) 2,000 gp
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Total Cost XXX,XXX gp

Aida donated 25,530 to the under-equipped party members.
YM donated 72,430 to the under-equipped party members.
That's a total donation of 97,960GP this round.

Relying on Darias's mythic skills and the sleepless abilities of some of the casters, the party could get through roughly 950,000 gp of crafting in about 60 - 75 days. Additional money would add additional days at a similar rate.

NPC Purchases:

Thanks to the generous donations of viewers like you, the NPCs were able to re-equip themselves majestically over the down-time after exploring the Maelstrom. The PCs will be fully updated, but for reference, these are the items they had crafted.

  1. Finnbarre
    1. Turned old sword and dagger into paired aelphin lightblades +3, keen
    2. Increased armor enchantment to +5
    3. Purchased Boots of Striding and Springing
    4. Increased ring of protection to +4
  2. Thema
    1. Merged her two swords into one horseman's blade that is a +5 holy avenger
    2. Upgraded shield to +3
    3. Upgraded armor to +4
  3. Khalil
    1. Turned his two +1 daggers into +3 daggers of returning
    2. Upgraded armor to +5
    3. Purchased Gloves of Pugilism (turn unarmed strikes magical) +3
    4. Purchased Ring of Freedom of Movement
  4. Carbry
    1. Finished essentially rebuilding his staff
  5. Klementyna
    1. Upgraded armor to +4
    2. Upgraded shield to +4
    3. Upgraded mace to +4
    4. Enchanted each of her hair beads with locate person spells for the individual party members
    5. Upgraded amulet of natural armor to +4
  6. Salvatrix
    1. Made her changeling spear also +2 axiomatic (extra 2d6 dmg vs demons)
    2. Amulet of Natural Armor to +4
    3. Purchased a Quicken Spell Metamagic Rod

This leaves 35,600 gp of the donated money in the party's pot still to be spent.

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