Farrell Ignazio

Farrell is an older High Priest, nearly 80, and yet he is still relatively hale and hearty. He's been a High Priest for thirty-some years, and in that time, he's trained quite a number of younger priests. He's a master herbalist who still insists on tending his very complex herb garden himself.

Of the High Priests, Farrell is one of the least accessible to the general public; he's almost always either tending his garden, teaching alchemy and herbalism, or instructing his student priests, of which he always has many.

Farrell is a bit stooped with age but maintains a full head of (now white) hair. His eyesight and hearing are a bit weak, and he's much slower than he used to be. Still, for a man of 80, he's in excellent shape and gets around competently. Many assume that his mastery of herbalism has been a significant contributor to his long and healthy life, as he is known to have developed and refined various herbal concoctions throughout his life.

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