former prostitute turned newspaper owner/editor/writer
Light brown hair to mid-back, clear blue eyes, five feet tall, lean build
Human, age 25

Damir's thoughts: Since she seemed nice and was sent by Miss Bliss, Damir trusts Ferella to keep his secrets fairly well and to be a reasonably decent human being. Thus, Damir took her at her word that she wanted to help him out and didn't conceal his past from her. Should he feel the need in the future, he probably would not hesitate to lie to Ferella, but he considers her a good friend and wouldn't try to hurt her in any way. Damir purchased some smoky grey lingerie for her, very good quality; he wrapped them in staff paper and included a personalized note with them. The note thanked her for her conversation and told her that Damir felt she was a very decent human being, worthy of the respect that Miss Bliss shows her. Damir also wrote that he wishes people would get to know people better before judging them based, for instance, on their profession, and said that he feels that there is really nothing wrong with what she does for a living. He talks about how he considers her a good friend and hopes that he'll be back soon to see her again. He's sure he'll miss her while he's gone. On the lingerie: it is very good quality, fairly nice. The silken sheen to it is slightly muted, and it has very faint flecks of darker grey forming a pattern above and beyond the ruffles and lace trim. Brassier, panties, garters and stockings included. When looking at it before wrapping it, it reminds me slightly of slate; when held up to the light, smoky grey low-drifting clouds just before a rainstorm.
Damir slept with Ferella once, just before leaving to walk Emby back to Tantor, and mainly at her request. He had been weighing the possibility in his mind for a long time as she usually tried to "corrupt" him when he would come in to visit her, and he finally decided to try it (with a lot of help from her on that decision). He is surprised because he hasn't fallen in love with Ferella because of this and he doesn't feel uncomfortable around her, either. He feels that maybe he was wrong to avoid sex for so long but is still very concerned about who he will and will not sleep with—while he isn't afraid of Ferella's reaction to him, he is concerned that he might hurt another girl. He will continue to be… mostly celibate.
Damir has since helped Ferella move to Tantor and set up a small tabloidish newspaper there.

Q&A Favorites:
Food - Don't know name. It looked like bits of slightly moist dirt, but it tasted like the gods themselves were beaming pure goodness into her tongue. Customer offered her a taste.
Color - Grey
Song - Elven waltz she can't remember the name of.

Common Knowledge: An hour of her time is worth ~5-20sp. (usually earns ~ 5gp/night) She worked for minimum wage as a printing-press operator before she became a lady of the night. Currently employed at the Silky Doll gentleman's club. She seems to enjoy her job well enough, all things considered. Possesses a large grey cloak she finds handy in case she ever needs to go out in public indecently dressed. Ferella believes most men are pigs, but she also believes that pigs have many convenient uses. She is very pragmatic, and will try to make the best out of any given situation. Won't let a bad situation keep her down. Can go from eccentric to prim and proper in a heartbeat. Gets nervous whenever she has to make a speech. She is annoyed at the attitude most people have towards sex workers, and finds Miss Bliss a breath of fresh air. She has always wished someone would come sweep her off her feet and fall in love with her. Years of working as a prostitute have, sadly, left her disillusioned about men. Still, always the pragmatic one, she has fashioned a comfortable enough niche for herself. She is convinced that, for the time being, at least, she can make more money faster by renting herself out than though any other job in town that she's qualified for.

Uncommon Knowledge: Has the cutest little birthmark, shaped like a lightning bolt, on her left butt-cheek.

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