Fifth-Degree Droids

Menial work is often performed by fifth-degree droids.


The WEG-published core rulebooks describe a number of droids. The table below contains references to the models described in the core rulebooks.

Model Cost Reference Description
Industrial Automaton ASP-7 Droid 1,000 Cyn 871 Suitable cleaning, loading/unloading, operating simple machinery; can easily be upgraded
Veril Line Systems EG-6 Power Droid 2,500 Cyn 88 Self-portable generator
Industrial Automaton "Elegance" Message Droid 250,000 Cyn 89 Starfighter-scale single-jump hyperdrive attached to a droidbrain; 15 kg cargo capacity
Cybot Galactica F1 Exploration Droid 2,750 Cyn 90 Doglike sensor-laden robot
Veril Line Systems Civil-Industrial I-C2 Droid 1,700,000 Cyn 91 Very large construction droid, specializing in buildings, roadways, etc.
Veril Line Systems S9-series Heavy Power Droid 4,000 Cyn 92 More advanced version of EG-6 power droid; heavier-duty power cells
SoroSuub Wanderer Scout Survey Droid 17,000 Cyn 93 Arachnid scouting droid; equipped with stunners to capture specimens
MerenData TS-Arach series Pest Control Droid 600 Cyn 94 Small arachnid droid with tiny blasters
Veril Line Systems V5-T Transport Droid 2,500 Gallad 242 Cargo mover; repulsorlift model available for 4,000 credits

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