First-Degree Droids

First-degree droids are the most cognitively advanced of droids. These droids are usually programmed for detailed work (such as surgical droids), research, or similar activities.


The WEG-published core rulebooks describe a number of droids. The table below contains references to the models described in the core rulebooks.

Model Cost Reference Description
Genetech/Industrial Automaton 2-1B Surgical Droid 4,300 Cyn 481 Surgical and medical droid
Genetech A2 Accounting/Business Unit 8,000 Cyn 49 Accounting, finance, and business analysis droids
Industrial Automaton A9G-series Data Storage Unit 8,000 Cyn 50 Suitable for librarian (civilian) or intelligence analyst (military) duties
Arakyd Seeker AS-M12 Message Droid 4,000 Cyn 51 Civilian version of the Viper probe droid, sans hyperdrive; civilian hyperdrive can be fitted (20,000 credits)
Cybot Galactical EV Series Supervisor 6,400 Cyn 53 Overseer for other droids
Medtech Industries FX-series Medical Assistant Droid 3,500 Cyn 54 Surgical assistant
TelBrinTel GHT Medevac Unit 5,200 Cyn 55 Robotic field medic capable of first aid and field retrieval
Veril Line Systems IN-4 Information Droid 2,500 Cyn 56 Information provider; usually serves as a guide of sorts in large commercial areas, as well as a network node
Industrial Automaton TTS-15 Education and Tutorial Droid lease only Cyn 57 500 lease, 1,000 annual service; can teach any skills currently programmed
Roche J9 Worker Drone 1,200 Cyn 58 Verpine version of a protocol droid; almost always modified for a different task
AccuTronics MK 8001 Attendent Droid 3,000 Gallad 202 Basic medical attendent droid for in-home care (nanny, elder care, etc.)
Cybot Galactica M4 Message Droid 2,000 Gallad 24 Military version (armed and armored) available for 4,000 credits

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