Force Artifact Descriptions

All objects are considered extremely rare.

Alien Artifact

This is an artifact from a lost race, maybe even from outside the Galaxy. Its functions and power will be unknown. It is up to the GM to determine the functions and the limit of its power.

Battle Armor

This is armor created specifically to withstand the impact of a lightsaber or similar energy. As there are very few substances in the Galaxy that can withstand a lightsaber strike, armor of this type is very rare. Mandalorian Iron is one example of this type of substance. Provides +5D to physical attacks and +4D to energy attacks.

Force Enhancer

This is a Republic-Era artifact used by the Jedi for enhancement of Force Skills and is always programmed with Force Powers. Usually only used by new Jedi, it is presumed that Jedi Masters never used these devices as they were too weak.

Force Scanner

This is a type of detection tool used to determine the Force potential of a person. The scanner is very delicate and can be broken easily.

Force Shard

This is a large (1 meter across) crystal that greatly enhances a character's Force Powers. The shard can only be held with both hands as it is very heavy. It is usually placed in a base or statue. It seems to have been faceted at one time, but there are chips and cracks throughout the Shard. The Shard imparts +8D to all Force Skills while touching the Shard. The Shard glows with an inner light when touched. The Shard will also impart a random bonus Force Power if the Shard is touched for four hours at one time without any distractions. Note: This cannot be done while in Hibernation Trance, Rage, etc… (Careful, this is a very, very powerful artifact and can easily unbalance the game; It is my recommendation that this artifact be destroyed or shattered somehow during the course of the adventure. It would be very hard to go against a villain that starts at 12D Force Skills boosted to 20D! Not to mention how many Powers the villain could gain……..)

Force Splinter

This is a chip from the Force Shard. It enhances a character's Force Powers just like the shard; although not as strongly. A splinter is usually worn in a pendant or amulet. There are 7 known Small Splinters at about 1 inch long; they impart a +1D to all Force Skills while touching the Splinter. There are 3 known Medium Splinters at about 3 inches long; they impart a +2D to all Force Skills while touching the Splinter. There is 1 known Large Splinter at about 5 inches long; it imparts a +3D to all Force Skills while touching the Splinter.


The New Jedi Holocron is an interactive teaching device that becomes active when held by Force-Sensitive characters. Organic crystals inside the Holocron sense the Force of the user determining whether the user is with the Light or Dark Side of the Force. The Holocron then senses the surface thoughts of the user, presenting them with Jedi wisdom. The Holocron can be used as a Jedi encyclopedia or as a training instructor. The Holocron holds about 200 Force Powers.

Ilum crystals

Ilum crystals where used in ancient times to build lightsabers. These crystals, only found in the Adegan system, spontaneously emit powerful bursts of light and energy when resonant frequencies are run through them. There are 5 different types of crystals: Kathracite (3D+2 damage), Relacite (4D damage), Danite (4D+2 damage), Mephite (5D damage), and the rarest - Pontites (5D+2 damage).


This is a specialized version of a lightsaber and is thus very rare. Some lightsabers have the lightblade as one of the settings. The blade is one-quarter of the length of a normal lightsaber, but is the only setting able to be used. Damage is 2D.


Known throughout the Galaxy as the symbol of the Jedi Knights, a lightsaber is an elegant and very lethal weapon in the right hands. How to create a lightsaber is a carefully guarded secret and a lightsaber will never be sold on the open market.

Lightsaber, Ancient

This is a lightsaber that has survived eons of use and has been left with a residue from it's users. It will give a character bonus of +1D to their Sense power and when first held, will give the character a symbolic vision - a type of Farseeing.


This describes a number of different methods of recording Force Powers. It includes but is not limited to: Scrolls, Books, Manuscripts, or Datatapes.

Null Sphere

A Null Sphere is a smoky glass-like sphere (nearly impossible to destroy) that resonates with a negative Force. These artifacts were created by unknown means for unknown uses and have only come to light from archaeological digs in areas where the culture largely self-destructed without a logical reason why. Basically, a Null Sphere has the effect of an Ysalimir, canceling out the Force in a specific area around itself. The degree of cancellation is variable, but usually extending several meters in diameter.

Sonic Blaster

This weapon concentrates, focuses, and enhances the voice of the user and turns it into a highly concentrated blast of sonic force. Damage is 2D + Control.

The Staff of Re

Type: Combat laser staff
Scale: Character
Skill: blasters for ranged effect; melee weapons: staff for close combat
Ammo: 110 (rechargable, no power pack)
Range: 4-30/90/175
Blast Radius: 0/1/2/3
Ranged Damage: 6D/3D/2D/1D for laser,
Melee Damage: STR+2D+1 for melee attack


Staves of Re are 2.25m long, 0.04m in diameter and made of a light-weight metal alloy [as yet unidentified]. However, the staves are very strong and durable (treat as having a structural strength of 4D+2). The Staves are "spoon" or "scoop" shaped at one end (.2m wide) and have an oval bulge at the other end (0.08m in diameter). The oval bulge is in fact a guard sheath for the laser and splits open when the laser is activated. The Staves require two hands. The laser must be activated (allowing the guard sheath to snap open and the capacitor to charge for 2 seconds) before firing. This counts as one action. The laser bolts are extremely high-energy EM radiation with an orange-yellow color for easier targeting. The force of a direct hit has such an impact that live targets must make a Moderate DEX roll to remain standing or be thrown 2-5 meters, possibly sustaining additional damage. The laser also has a small blast radius effect. The Staves are effective melee weapons, being able to take extensive punishment in combat and delivering powerful blows due to the length of the staff (leverage).

Random Force Artifact Table

Roll 5D and look up the result on the table below.

Result Artifact
5 Holocron
6 Ilum Crystals
7 Lightsaber
8 Medium Force Splinter
9 Force Enhancer
10 Manuscript
11 Force Scanner
12 Lightsaber
13 Lightblade
14 Small Force Splinter
15 Damaged Lightsaber
16 Lightsaber
17 Force Artifact (reroll for type of Artifact)
18 Small Force Splinter
19 Lightsaber
20 Scroll
21 Staff of Re
22 Damaged Artifact (reroll for type of Artifact)
23 Datatape
24 Null Sphere
25 Book
26 Sonic Blaster
27 Alien Artifact
28 Battle Armor
29 Large Force Splinter
30 Force Shard

Random Lightsaber Generator

Whenever a GM needs to have a character with a lightsaber, or if a character finds a lightsaber during the course of an adventure, the following tables will allow the GM to generate a unique Jedi weapon. Roll as listed on the individual tables.

Result (2D) Lightsaber Type
2 Ancient Darkened (1000 yrs +); add +1 to sense, add 1 to Dark Side Points
3 Ancient (5000 yrs +); add +2 to sense
4 Modern
5 Modern
6 Modern
7 Modern
8 Modern
9 Modern
10 Modern
11 Ancient (1000 yrs +); add +1 to sense
12 Ancient (10000 yrs +); add +1D to sense, external power cell if 3 or less (1D)
Result (1D) Lightsaber Type
1 Organic (resists weapon scans)
2 Mineral
3 Metallic
4 Metallic
5 Metallic
6 Exotic Metal/Mineral
Result (1D) Lightsaber Quality
1 no damage bonus; don't roll on Lightsaber Features table
2 +1 to damage; roll once on Lightsaber Features table
3 +2 to damage; roll twice on Lightsaber Features table
4 +1D to damage; roll three times on Lightsaber Features table
5 +1D+1 to damage; roll four times on Lightsaber Features table
6 +1D+2 to damage; roll five times on Lightsaber Features table
Result (2D) Lightsaber Features
2 Dual Blades (acts as double normal blade length; -1D to lightsaber skill)
3 External Power Cell with Cable Attachment
4 Increase/Decrease Illumination
5 Dual Color Switch (roll twice on Lightsaber Color table)
6 Reduce/Increase Damage (-2/+2 damage)
7 Safety Grip
8 Reduce/Increase Blade (half and ¼/double and triple blade length)
9 Blade Lock/Balanced For Throwing (no external power cell)
10 Stun Setting (5D stun damage)
11 Increase/Decrease Sonic Emanations
12 Tri-blade setting (blades ¼ normal blade length)
Result (2D) Lightsaber Crystals
2 Pontites (5D+2 damage)
3 Synthesized Crystal (5D damage)
4 Danite (4D+2 damage)
5 Synthesized Crystal (4D+2 damage)
6 Synthesized Crystal (4D+1 damage)
7 Synthesized Crystal (4D+1 damage)
8 Kathracite (3D+2 damage)
9 Synthesized Crystal (4D+2 damage)
10 Relacite (4D damage)
11 Synthesized Crystal (5D damage)
12 Mephite (5D damage)
Result (2D) Lightsaber Color
2 Odd Color (GM's Choice)
3 Entwined (Roll two colors)
4 Silver Grey
5 Red
6 Gold
7 Green
8 Blue
9 Violet
10 Orange
11 White
12 Cycling Colors (all colors)
Result (2D) Lightsaber Hilt Length
1 25 centimeters
2 26 centimeters
3 27 centimeters
4 28 centimeters
5 29 centimeters
6 30 centimeters
Result (2D) Lightsaber Blade Length
1 1.0 meters
2 1.1 meters
3 1.2 meters
4 1.3 meters
5 1.4 meters
6 1.5 meters

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