The Fort House Astronomers

A group of students approached Bad Company and asked to rent out the ballroom of Fort House to use as a makeshift observatory. Because the ballroom has a rotating mechanism and an empty gunnery mount point, the student group were able to afford mounting instrumentation so that they can make astronomical observations. Their research project, which is in its initial stages, is in pursuit of further information about some hypotheses they have about the Path of Suns and other currents of magic. They believe they may have some hypotheses that would improve the accuracy of magical flux predictions should they prove to be true.

Bad Company planned to introduce these students to Mjana and The Orderly, as both could be interested in (and could possibly help with) their work.

These students have something of a rivalry with the Observatory of Zuin. They'd originally wanted to use that observatory and share data, but they were roundly rejected, leading them in a roundabout way to Bad Company's house.

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