"Fort House Veterans"

The "Fort House Veterans" (just one of many names given to this unofficial little group) is really just a group of War veterans who have heard about and found their way to Bad Company's manor house, where Bad Company runs a small bar and prosidy that only allows War veterans. This little group is Bad Company's first tentative step toward putting together a better support system for War veterans and for those returning to Indigo from Shadow.

James Clapper

A fairly close friend of Bad Company's, at least as he tells things, during the War. James is a zilat, specifically a grabber, and he'll cop to that having been useful then. Like all veterans, he doesn't really talk about the War. James works as a transporter now.


Warbler and Bad Company didn't know one another during the War, but Warbler found his way to Shadow's Dawn via word of mouth. He's mostly a political creature nowadays, working in the Marquis Quarter to help manage bounties handed out for work in the Ruined Expanses. He knows Bechalm Austrain due to this work, which is why Tyler recognized Bad Company.


Ceph is a Vance with an extreme obsession with cephalopods. They don't talk much. They've had their legs Changed into four long, thick octopus tentacles that they can use for gross grasping (in both senses of the word).

Willie Tangent

Wilhemina Tangent, or Willie, appears to be quite young, maybe only 14 or 15. She's an eradicator zilat. She loves to talk, mostly about rumors and gossip - she's well and truly ensconced in the Strangeglass "scene."

She Won't Say

Occasionally, but perhaps once a month at most, a tall woman in a long cloak will visit the prosidy. She always whispers her name to the thoughtforms and won't introduce herself otherwise, and no one seems to know who she is. The thoughtforms clearly do, however, and serve her normally. She speaks very little when she does visit, but she tips well and never causes any trouble. If anyone tries to start trouble with her, she leaves almost immediately. She never takes her hands out from her cloak or exposes anything below her neck, manipulating items with telekinetic cantrips. She always wears a porcelain mask that covers most of her face; the very few places where her skin is exposed, it appears as black as obsidian, but slightly translucent as though you can see just a millimeter or so under the surface. Her eyes are strikingly normal, considering, a kind of middling brown.

Myfanwy Bronwyn

Myfanwy is a non, but she's quite bright. She works as an arts coordinator now, managing enormous sums of other peoples' money. She doesn't talk about what she did during the War.


Marion is an Apostate who fought in the War. They had a fairly negative experience being brought back from Shadow by the Grey Reapers and, at a minimum, seriously wounded two of them. They haven't chosen to interact with the Hendassa since.

Dante Thirds

Dante Thirds is a zilat eradicator who can only mask sounds. He acknowledged being in "reconnaissance" during the War and was trapped behind enemy lines and forced to flee to Shadow. He was then "recovered" by the Grey Reapers and essentially just dropped off with a "welcome home, get a move on." Curious and slightly annoyed, he then spied on the Hendasah in The Fade. He'd met Derran of the Pneuma and was the person who gave Bad Company Derran's card.

Dante Thirds is a short, slight man with middling brown skin and hair. He is often surrounded by a pale grey mist, sort of a misty aura that never drifts further than a few inches from his skin. He tends to dress oddly, wearing monochromatic clothing (greys, blacks, and whites) accented by colorful shoes, belts, and occasionally hats. His shoes, belt, and hat often but don't always match. He wears an order pin for a smaller order, not a well known one - it is three braided ouroborai.

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