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I'm creating this thread so that people can post experiments they want to perform using The Book of a Thousand Pages. I'm hoping people will organize stuff logically so that each series of experiments is its own reply chain and separate questions/experiments are in separate main posts.

You can also turn his dog into one of those big Zwallen wolves. Of course, Darias has a magical item that can do that for a little bit, so…. :-) But, yeah, you can, within the limits of your level, turn people into whatever you've seen/experienced.

Re: Help with a Spell by cmellisocmelliso, 25 Nov 2014 01:56

Many of those questions aren't entirely straightforward. Some of the demons are fairly insane; others don't necessarily have desires that translate to anything in human experience. There are other things that generally make sense, though. For example, Braelyn, being a fire demon, has a physical form weak against cold/ice/water. Botros Albaf (and god, I hope I'm naming the right demon here), being crystalline, is somewhat weak against sonic damage. Of course, most of the demons are fairly intelligent, so they compensate for these weaknesses where they can.

You can confirm something you guys have probably suspected for a long while. Most of the more powerful demons, and even some of the lesser demons, are resistant to physical damage on this plane. There are some sources that can overcome this resistance. You've already discovered some of them - whatever your innate granted boons that make you mythic, for example, means your attacks bypass their DR. Similarly, argia and… shit… that silvery special amorphous metal, can't remember the name, something like veneresite… that stuff, properly crafted into a weapon, also allows for bypassing that DR.

Oh, and there aren't two Winter Ladies. There's the Iceblood Empress, who is a lesser demon with delusions of grandeur who you defeated earlier. And then there's the Winter Lady, who is effectively a minor goddess of winter, nearly as powerful as the Nine, and who Braelyn helped you overcome in Yegek. And yes, there are also demons who are effectively minor gods and goddesses of the others and of other things, but they're not as widely worshipped and aren't worshipped by either the Islanders or the Mierans.

Basically, for each of those demons, Mal will be asking the usual demon questions. How do we fight them, what do they want, how do they relate to each other, how do they operate, how soon until they can respawn, etc? This intel will go straight into a cold crystal he'll show to people who need to know in the communities he visits, and finally dumping it into the Zwallen's Library for future generations to look up.

Oh, and because I know the information in the cold crystal will be partially visual, I want to stress that I'm not putting anything about Nalia in there, just visualizations of the demons. If I need to Silent Image and have Nalia correct me until I'm "drawing" Abisai and Grrn correctly, so be it.

Also, there are two Winter Ladies now? So help me, if one of them says "the cold never bothered me anyway…"

We had this conversation on-mic, but it doesn't hurt to have a recap here:

Maleos can polymorph any willing creature into any general class of creature Maleos has seen before.

It's just that by the time he had learned the spell, he had already seen a dragon. :)

You gain physical stats and abilities but not supernatural spell-like abilities. Mental attributes are unaffected. It's basically Maleos's go-to "Whelp, I'm down to my last spell, better start hitting them" Plan B. But come to think of it, it's also a hellofa buff for our pets.

If I can make it up to Mass Polymorph, I could do myself and three pets in the first round. The main reason I don't polymorph myself at the start of battle is because it makes me look like more of a threat and a bigger target, and the main reason I don't usually do the pets is because after the first round I'm usually reacting to what this particular encounter is throwing at us. I'm starting to think a once daily command-word activated "become a dragon" miiiiiiight be a worthwhile effect to stack on the collars, especially if you want your wolfhound to draw aggro for you so you can flank.

I realize it kills the flavor of your having a wolf with you. If we can find something like a bear or a lion, I could do that, too, but right now, Dragon is a flying bruiser that can pronounce words. It's basically ideal. I mean, as long as it fits within the room. I think I can make it smaller if I want to at the expense of some physical stats, because I know that as I go up in level the size of dragon I can turn someone into goes up. I think I'm at Large? And the dragons I've seen were bigger. :)

Correct me if I'm mistaken on any of this, Chris.

Mal can totally turn Dare into a bird. Probably even one that can survive flying! :P

Re: Help with a Spell by WarpZoneWarpZone, 24 Nov 2014 13:36

We met a couple gods and found out that Saul is, in fact, Pelor, and Mal was like "I totally knew it!" even though it was one guess among hundreds he has recorded in his little notebook of crazytalk.

Actually, I think our half-session would be a great opportunity to review all that important shit and especially to allow Aida to interact with Heironious.

Re: Ramping back up by WarpZoneWarpZone, 22 Nov 2014 19:04

Sorry, I totally don't understand who "moral" NPCs are. Do you mean "mortal?" Did I *REALLY* miss something huge last session?

I think if I ever stopped being confused you guys wouldn't recognize me.

This may be for my paying day job, but at least it's creative:

Re: Ramping back up by cellisoncellison, 22 Nov 2014 18:24

Dale/Mal brings up a good point about the airship and the fact that we have such vicious enemies in the sky. I don't think we should let the potential for destruction slow us down (I mean, really, if we did that none of us would be here) but I think it's worth trying to find a solution. Aida can't really contribute directly to this aim, but she can work the local constabulary and see if they'd be willing to trade information on airship shitz with any skills or information on enemies or whatever I can provide.

This may be for my paying day job, but at least it's creative:

Re: Ramping back up by cellisoncellison, 22 Nov 2014 18:22

Upon consulting my notes, I realize a big chunk of why I'm not familiar with how we left things last time. Yes, it's been two months. But the last time we gamed I had just found out my coworker had suddenly died and had spent a good portion of the day calling people, letting them know, and crying it out. In fact, the last part of my notes says "I was on the phone for like 30 mins here and missed everything said." I remember crying so badly I couldn't see the screen and definitely couldn't focus on what you were all saying.

The last section of notes before that had to do with a construct of the gods talking to us about the creation story and how she and Saul were created by the gods to aid us in our quest. Or something. I am so confused.

SO. I assume this is taking place in the town? Aida will probably want to do her similar shit, which involves getting to know the local constabulary and practicing skill-building with both YM and our new friends before we have to part ways.

Chris, there may be other things I'd like to run separately but for right now I'm more concerned with getting the last half hour or so of what the hell happened last time in our gaming session. Did we ever leave the barn?

Sorry to everyone for taking so long to get around to this. I honestly think I had a block on it all due to David's death and me losing my shit that night.

This may be for my paying day job, but at least it's creative:

Re: Ramping back up by cellisoncellison, 22 Nov 2014 18:19

I think the "when will we run things" depends pretty heavily on when both you and Dale are available. Both you two and I probably need to review notes by this point as well, and I need to know what you need to run in addition to the Orc Traversal.

We have one vote for the metal-man mountains as the next destination. Any input from you, Dale or Carol?

Re: Ramping back up by cmellisocmelliso, 13 Nov 2014 03:23

Let me know when you want to run whatever we need to run.

1. Moral NPCs - Darias is busy with being a bird and working on the airship, but he remembers the direction of Nerull to stick close to the Shiny one. He thinks that maybe he was referring to coming to this city and meeting Nalia. Darias will ask Saul his opinion sometime. He figures Saul, if anyone, would have an idea.

2. Darias suggests the eastern side of the Black Cumshot Mountains to the south of Lake Priapas. He'd love to see those gmoish metal creatures…

3. Happy to take care of that. Just going for a metric shit-ton of growl-zek balloon fabric. (Technical term) Still, who knows what wacky hijinks Mal and Dare will get up to. Will they end up dressed as orcish women, riding a tail-less giant scorpion-thing being chased by several angry guards? Find out next time!

4.) I think I asked most questions. Darias will certainly go along sometimes if Saul or somebody wants to talk to her (especially if Alease comes back -'cause Thunderbirds roc!) :)

Still, not as cool as Thundercougarfalconbird.

Re: Ramping back up by Venn TyreeVenn Tyree, 12 Nov 2014 07:58

After that ambush, Maleos is having serious second thoughts about the whole airship idea, which he will share with the group. Basically, the airship is a great idea for speeding across the countryside towards the next stationary destination. But against armies of flying demons, it's a big juicy expensive target. Assuming we can somehow armor the gasbag well enough that flying ranged attackers can't knock us down before we bring some sort of overwhelming force to bear, we'd need to design the deck to be defensible against boarders, and have a plan for an organized evacuation via Teleport should the ship start to go down.

I have ideas that could increase the survivability of the airship or make it a less attractive target, but they're all OOC ideas until we learn more IC about those goddamned lightning rods, and there's no real IC reason I can think of for us to fixate on it.

Re: Ramping back up by WarpZoneWarpZone, 08 Nov 2014 07:22

I'm starting up this thread to get everyone up to speed again before we start up regular sessions again through the end of the year. We need to resolve a few things before then, and some of those will need to come from you all. You'll also want to reference the timeline and the notes from last session beforehand so you can post or email me any questions.

Some topics I think need to be resolved:

  • Interactions with any of the moral NPCs before they split
  • Destination after the airship is competed
  • Maleos and Darias's side trip to the orc lands
  • Interactions with Nalia (the Iuvenalia construct); particularly important because her friends will be returning to the city soon

Anything else? If it's something everyone needs to participate in, post it here; otherwise, drop me an email and we'll resolve it privately there or via IM.

Ramping back up by cmellisocmelliso, 21 Oct 2014 01:54

Hey Dale,

Question: Maleos's polymorph spell… does it only turn someone into a dragon?

Help with a Spell by Venn TyreeVenn Tyree, 23 Sep 2014 06:04

… but Braelyn does totally hate the Spaniards, right?

It's the lisping, right?

Dammit, this is what happens when I try to do three things at once. Iceblood Empress - Iealdith. No one new. My proofreading error.

Also, to clarify, I was just trying to dash out a really basic overview of the kinds of demons she's telling you about or able to discuss with you when you bring them up. She wouldn't say "croc-man", she'd be explaining "thick lizard skin, big, pointy teeth, etc., etc." I just wanted to dump some kind of answer as quickly as I could.

Salena is another name for The Winter Lady - I think Salena is the name used by the Great Lake humans, but I could be wrong. It could be something else. In any case, you have multiple names for her already.

Deorsa is who, based on your description, Nalia thinks you could possibly have faced on the road. Iakalos you have information on from long, long ago (dharven times, I think). That's a good question - what was Deorsa talking about? She certainly was about as clear as mud….

A) The Iceblood Emperor? Let's hear more of that. If there's any relation to oh, say, the Iceblood Empress we killed and butchered for her parts… I kinda think we might have to deal with him at some point.

B) Apparently Braelyn's ultimate goal was just to win independence from Spain.

C) Who is Salena again?

D) Grrn. While this doesn't, obviously, need to be explained to me, I imagine Darias (or really anybody) will be asking "what the hell is a crocodile?"

E) Deorsa. Is that who we faced on the road? If so, who is Iakalos? And what exactly was Deorsa talking about when she asked if we thought we could get away from it?

Some demons Nalia can talk about:

  • The Purging Fire
  • Iceblood Emperor
  • Emem the Giant
  • Iakalos
  • Botros Albaf
  • Braelyn Del Basque
  • Salena
  • Abisai, a more minor demon similar in powers to Salena.
  • Grrn, a major crocodile-demon.
  • Deòrsa, a snake-demon and ally of Iakalos

That's just a sampling of some of the ones either you've spoken to her about or that she can warn you about.

  1. She's not hiding her presence from the demons or the Usurper in any way that would help you. The way she's hiding is by being a construct that looks, sounds, smells, and feels just like a human.
  2. She has a huge list of demons she knows, and many of them are in the faction that would like to negotiate with the Outsiders (or are insane). There are something like a dozen or two demons who are perhaps comparable to the gods. There are tens of thousands of demons, including all who are with the gods, those who aren't, and those who are insane; most of those tens of thousands aren't on a level with the gods, though.

1. She can hide her presence from the demons or Usurper. Can she do the same for us?

2. Are there any specific demons she knows of working for the Usurper? Any we should be on the lookout for?

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