Fourth-Degree Droids

Fourth-degree droids are simple; they're armed droids.


The WEG-published core rulebooks describe a number of droids. The table below contains references to the models described in the core rulebooks.

Model Cost Reference Description
Arakyd BT-16 Perimeter Security Droid 4,100 Cyn 791 Arachnid-design personal-combat droid
Aro-GX Security Droid 9,000 Cyn 80 Humanoid personal-combat droid
Holowan Mechanicals IG-series Assassin Droid 1,500,000 Cyn 81
Rim Securities' K4 Security Droid 7,500 Cyn 82 Fast-moving security droid
Rseikharhl LE-VO Law Enforcement Droid 9,000 Cyn 83 Programmed to use non-lethal force almost exclusively
MerenData RM-2020 Espionage Droid 160,000 Cyn 84 Sabotage, infiltration, and combat espionage
Arakyd "Stiletto" Security Droid 7,500 Cyn 85 Imperial military security droid
Sienar Intelligence Systems ZQ Infantry Support Unit 8,350 Cyn 86 Military-use attack droid
Cybot Galactica Guardian Droid 4,000 Gallad 212 Mecha guard dog with retractable blaster

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