Aiyana is a Spirit of Music, originally summoned in a Native American tradition, who became a Free Spirit. She now performs Tribal-Fusion music under the stage name Dances-With-Everything. Her body of work as a whole is hard to classify, as she freely combines elements of her tribal heritage with techno, pop, jazz, classical, and literally anything else that captures her imagination. She frequently travels, and the first thing she does when she arrives in a new city is absorb as much of the local soundscape as possible, usually resulting in several new songs.

Despite all of this, how can I put this… her songs aren't unlistenable crap. (At least most of them.) Each song usually features a specific blend of influences unique to that song, a discernible melody (at least if you're into the genre she's fusing her tribalism with,) and of course, a unifying back-beat.

Opinion among NaN residents is probably divided, between those who feel she sullies her heritage and those who feel she makes the traditions relevant by bringing them to the masses. Opinion everywhere else is probably pretty lukewarm right now, though her live performances are apparently pretty impressive.

She's managed to stay pretty well under the radar, so far, working the lesser-known club circuits and quietly living off of karma donations from a few true-believers, which she uses to buff her performances and mask her spirit nature. This facade can't hold up indefinitely, however. Sooner or later, she's going to become popular enough or powerful enough that someone with the resources to bring major mojo to bear against her is going to take notice.

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