Macrophage is a Plant Spirit of rhizopus stolonifer, the fungus that causes common bread mold. Macrophage manifests as a scruffy-looking man in cheap secondhand clothes. His singular purpose is to "take care of the kids." By which he means to make more bread mold and store it in an environment where bread mold can thrive. He frequently insists he has the munchies, and prefers bread, soy-cakes, or anything bread mold will grow on. He detests most rich-kid snack foods, which contain chemicals which retard spoilage.

Provided with adequate foods, he will put them up to his mouth and sort of pantomime the act of eating them. Everyplace his mouth touches becomes covered with bread mold. He will then stash the mold-covered food someplace dark, often sealed in tupperware under his bed, so that it can grow. Once his "kids" become "grown up" enough, he transplants them to a nearby stash of bread mold he's stockpiling and occasionally feeding in some nearby cave, abandoned building, shaded gully. If he can build up a large enough stash of bread mold, that will become his Personal Domain.

Macrophage doesn't really care about anything. This makes him pretty easygoing, and in fact he will happily tag along with the group and perform Services for free. Just don't hurt his kids, man!

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