Born of the pooled residual will of a hundred shattered otaku, Retry is a creature of pain and anguish, wandering the earth forever engaged in the futile task of trying to rebuild the Wired Matrix. He is capable of speech, but it is difficult for him. He can point to things, write, sign on the dotted line, and maintain a demeanor of calm. If he ever tries to speak, however, that superficial calm is broken and he is wracked with emotional turmoil. Anything from rage at Deus to tears for the fallen could erupt, and he needs to push through that to actually communicate through words. He manifests as a skulking teenager in a black hoodie, hands in pockets, his face obscured by darkness. When he uses Spirit Powers, green lines of Wired Matrix code run across his body.

So far he has successfully rebuilt one Matrix node from surplus parts, though without the Matrix as a whole, it is a pretty meaningless accomplishment. When posessing a human host, he is capable of using Wireless Matrix technology, and indeed he administers a small forum for oldschool deckers to swap tips and talk about oldschool tech. He is actually quite cordial online.

Old Matrix hardware is hard to come by since it's mostly considered obsolete at best and dangerous at worst, but a few old components do tend to surface on the black market every now and then. A few companies might even still manufacture this stuff, or at least own a warehouse full of it they can't sell but don't want to destroy. These stockpiles would be targets for Rerty.

Saeder-Krupp's old grid actually survived the Matrix Crash 2.0. If they still maintain the old grid, either as a backup or as proof against future Matrix crashes, then it's conceivable they could form a demand base for the old hardware (or perhaps even be the primary supplier.) This could imply either a weak but viable post-Crash market for old hardware… or a single impossibly well-defended source for the hardware Retry so desperately needs in order to pursue his goal.

Retry remembers, or believes he remembers, the death and final thoughts of every non-corrupted Otaku who ever died while interfaced with the Matrix. He hates Deus, Winternight, and Ex Pacis. He has no inherent hatred of the Technomancers, but Wired VS Wireless flame wars are the one thing that can cut right through his superficial calm and provoke a reaction. If his node is threatened, he will defend it, but in his heart he knows the war is already lost. If he learns of a family who had an otaku in the family who died, he will probably skulk around their house for a few days, wanting to approach them and comfort them, but knowing he'll probably just cause a panic and possibly get disrupted for his efforts.

As of the start of our story has has no friends.

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