Bad Omens

Now in Tantor, the party had important business to attend to. As Grog's, a pub, did not open until the afternoon, the party first set about arranging quarters for themselves. Damir and Emby spent the morning talking to her parents, explaining to them that they were now an item. Her parents weren't happy with the amount of danger she would be in because of this; Damir ended the conversation, telling them that he would return later for their blessings but was not seeking their permission and would continue to date their daughter. Damir then disguised himself (as "Nikoli") and went into Grog's while Emby and Peregrine staked it out from outside. Nothing much happened that night, though Damir did have to attack (via Insistent Wave) some orcs who had challenged him. The next morning, Damir returned to the Mocmars' house and spoke to Mr. and Mrs. Mocmar privately. He explained to them what he was doing and why, and told them that many people must've felt that Mr. Mocmar was making a mistake to marry Mrs. Mocmar because of their racial differences, but they did it anyway because of love. He told them that he would die for their daughter, stifling most of their concerns (along with the fact that she'd become quite a formidable wizard). They parted company on friendlier terms, and Damir played some at his inn until the time came to disguise himself again. They repeated the performance from the previous night but learned little that was new, so Damir decided to go back the next night with a ruby on (the symbol they'd learned about). First, though, he and Emby went to see Ferella that morning at her new home and office. Emby stopped briefly to speak with someone on the street, telling Damir to continue ahead. He did, and he spoke with Ferella for a minute. Suddenly, Ferella pounced and took down an invisible stalker follwing Damir, which turned out to be Emby playing a prank. Ferella revealed that she'd been studying combat a bit for self-defense. Damir and Emby spoke to her for a while, then Damir asked her to spar. Damir dodged well, but she came close to hitting him a couple times. Damir then again disguised himself as "Nikoli" and put on a ruby clasp they'd had made. The orcs inside saw the ruby quickly and said they didn't think anyone else was coming through. Damir played it off as though he were one of the group, angered that they'd forgotten about him and ready to take it out on the orc. The orc said they hadn't forgotten, they just hadn't told him; he then gave Damir an address to go to. Damir agreed and stalked off, tossing a gold coin to the orc on his way. He told Peregrine and Emby to meet him at the house. When they explored it, they found it empty except for a list of equipment they would need - it would be suitable for journeying through swampland. Also, there was a crude sketch at the bottom of the list showing paths through an area Damir decided looked like the province of Nevermoor. They decided to leave immediately, head through Gwivonna, and sell their horses in Bastion so they could walk through the swamps and trail these men. Upon entering Gwivonna, Damir noticed that many people were treating him oddly - they were either ignoring him completely or treating him as a hero. One girl even ran up and jumped him to kiss him, angering Emby quite a bit (who used Point on the poor girl). Damir mollified Emby by putting his arm around her, making it more obvious that they were a couple and thus easier to fend off other women. In Gwivonna, Damir briefly spoke with his parents about his courtship of Emby; they congratulated him. He also told them to keep the arrow safe and explained that it had been "refereeing" the barfights. They moved it, hiding it under a floorboard. Damir went to speak to Malicor with Emby. When they officially told Malicor of their relationship, he asked Emby if she loved Damir; when she responded with a fervent "yes," he nodded and accepted it. Damir asked to speak to him in private and ask for his services in enchanting a ring for Emby - he told Malicor that he planned to propose marriage and wanted the ring to keep her safe. Malicor decided to pick on Damir a bit, having seen their "kinky invisisex night." He succeeded in supremely embarassing Damir to the point of speechlessness. Damir told Emby about it, and she became quite angry at Malicor. They left to return to the inn, where Damir played for a couple hours, filling the inn beyond capacity. Later, after he'd calmed down, Damir snuck out to Malicor's house to apologize to him. Malicor bantered at him, teasing him further, until Damir accidentally came to the realization that Malicor had really liked what he'd seen (being truly a she, and all). This comment embarassed Malicor quite a bit, and Damir apologetically left. Damir told Emby about this, who was at first angry and then amused. She then returned to apologize to Malicor as well. Later in the evening, she returned to Damir's room. They teased each other deliberately for a good fifteen minutes, having brought things to the point of sex and then stopped to enhance their need. Emby put on Damir's favorite lingerie near the end of that fifteen minutes, so Damir retaliated by Suggesting to Emby that he'd drunk a polymorph potion and turned into an orc. Damir then dodged her for a few moments as she attempted to jump him, waiting until he could strategically position himself to be knocked over onto the bed. She ravished him, and when they were finished he let the spell drop. He noticed that she was disappointed, but she didn't leave; he spoke to her about it and told her he'd try it again later, but would save it for special occasions. She told him that he didn't have to, as it was odd that he wanted to become another person to please her, but he retorted that he wasn't becoming another person, just polymorphing. Besides, he said, she loved him and wouldn't leave him for the first orc she came across, so he didn't mind doing something to please her. He then lay in her arms for a while, and they spent the night together. Damir cast both of his third-level spell slots as Mindshare so they could experience one last, lovely night of intimacy before they left for the wilderness again. On their way out of town, Damir dropped in to see Miss Bliss, but discovered she wasn't there; instead, a male priest had come down when she went to Nevermoor, and she was still there. The male priest talked to Damir for a couple minutes, and when he realized who Damir was told him that he was honored to meet him. Damir responded pleasantly to this, but inside he worried about if he could ever live his life again.

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