Bad Timing

The next day, Damir notices that Damir has a "stalker" of sorts - a man who doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of the group of clerics, a man wearing brown robes. Damir waits until nightfall, then announces outside of his tent that he'll give the stalker one chance to parlay before he attacks. He even lays his weapon aside while announcing this. When he receives no answer, he returns to his tent and sneaks out, invisible, to find Peregrine. When he does, he tells Peregrine about his stalker; the pair sneak over to look for him, finding him staking out Damir's tent. The pair pincer him and surprise him, Peregrine slipping in behind him as Damir approaches with a blade drawn from the front. The pair take the man into Damir and Emby's tent to interrogate him. In the process, they learn that the druids are stalking Damir and are interested in what he'd learned in the abandoned Temple of Fharlanghn. Damir also learns that they're stalking Malicor and that they're uninterested in the current war. They are, however, interested in something that Drummond has apparently stumbled upon. Damir, fresh from capture and torture, very nearly slays the man for following him, but he restrains himself (much to Peregrine's amusement, and to Emby's fear). Damir finally lets the man go but assures him they he'd be dead instantly should he return. They also take his ring, a Ring of Teleportation with 4 charges left on it, as payment. They give him five minutes to leave before they inform the priests that a spy was in their midst.
Later that evening, Damir sneaks out of town and arranges to meet up with Malicor to inform him of what has happened. Damir has discovered that the gnomish metal object he had found so long ago seemed to have a configuration that looked like Malicor's nexus-sensor. He tells Malicor this and explains to him about the druid; Malicor then reveals that he's been tailed by them as well. Damir gives the gnomish metal thing to Malicor and asks for a way to contact him in the future. He also asks for some equipment so he can continue, as the Necromancer's men have Damir's rapier and armor now. Malicor brings him some replacement chain mail made of mithril and a carefully-wrapped rapier. When Damir asks about the rapier's previous owner, he is told that it belonged to Lance Jethro. Damir nods and reluctantly accepts it. Finally, Malicor gives Damir and Emby an earring that will allow them to contact him.
The next day, the group continues toward the new hideout, following the tracks as quickly as they can. The day is mostly uneventful, as the priests are still more than a day's march away from the hideout. The process continues the next day; the next evening, the scouts spot the hideout and report back to the army. The main army halts their forward progression an divides to encircle the hideout, while the scouts stake out the area and report back periodically. That night, while they are in their tent, Emby asks Damir if he really thinks they're the best choices for the mission. He tells her that since he's been there he may be some help, and his powers may help the team as well. He tells her that he's only doing what has to be done - he's not trying to play the hero. After he falls asleep, Emby thinks on his words and realizes "what has to be done." She gives her money to the priests for safekeeping, tosses everything else onto the bedroll with him, and then uses a charge from the teleport ring to take them all back to Damir's room in Gwivonna. Damir sleeps through the whole thing.

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