The Call of Nature

Very incomplete notes

Teleport to Gwivonna and take a riverboat (360 miles at 60/day) to the port
once we get into port, we find a cood convoy and negotiate a one-way passage in exchange for our service defending the convoy (1440 GP equivalent)

On ship:
Amilyn and Peregrine are seasick; Damir and Emby are not

First mate on the ship starts hitting on Emby, gives Damir 1/2 rations and double shifts for a week for their first confrontation; Damir gets pissy and mods the first mate's memory.
After 6 days, the first mate and Damir have their second confrontation - the first mate calls Damir a "little wisp of a boy"; Damir bites hit tongue and talks the first mate into agreeing that they'll just stay out of each others' way for the rest of the voyage

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