The Cave of Trials

Damir awakened in the afternoon (after ~6 hours of sleep and a 36-hour double-time forced march) to find Emby had gone and taken all of her stuff. Waking Dextra, he ran to catch up with her. Emby lashed out at him at his apparent "pampering" of her; Damir, thus, is backing off a bit from Emby. Emby then apologized for lashing out and allowed Damir to take some of her stuff so that they could make better time. Dextra soon caught up with them, and they walked to the end of the road - it dead-ended into a cliff face. Emby, remembering about this "trial," informed Dextra and Damir that they needed to back off. Upon doing so, an eye appeared on the cliff face and proclaimed, "Show me your best!" Emby cast Color Spray into the wall, opening a passage for her to walk through. After she was through, Damir approached (Dextra having said that she could not follow) and cast Instant Bath into the wall, opening a passage for himself as well. Damir and Emby were now in a cave that involved a lot of discomfort, requiring that the potential applicant burn spells to make the trials easier or simply physically push through them. There were uncomfortably hot or cold rooms, rooms with steep climbs, rooms with loose gravel floors, and other such simple but draining trials. The final room was a 45-degree-angle climb up a smooth surface… or so it seemed. There was a thin, barely-distinguishable chalk line delineating the area of effect of a reverse gravity spell; when Damir experimentally crossed this line, he fell away down a long, twisting slide and was expelled into a padded room (with feather fall cast upon him on the way out of the slide). Emby cast Instant Bath upon herself to clean herself up, and she prepared to enter the city of Mount Pon proper so that she could beg for her admission to the magical academy.

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