A Change in My Life

Damir spends a couple days on the road to Gwivonna, on his way back to Peloria. His plan is to meet up with a group travelling to Nevermoor and be hired on as an extra sword or a cook or something. He garners quite a reaction from the Gwivonnans due to his new sword and armor; many people ask what he's been up to, which he tries to brush off with a simple, "You know my luck. If there's trouble within 50 miles, I'll fall right into it." He makes his way to the inn and tells his parents that he'll be returning to Tantor to work as a performer. He tells his father to use the "inheritance" to improve the inn as he can now cover his own expenses. He spends the morning talking to his parents, then sets off again. His next planned stop is the schoolhouse, but he is intercepted by Mrs. Frink on the way. She bribes him with bread and cookies in exchange for information on his travels, though she doesn't put it this way. Damir knows full well what she's after, but she is a skilled talker and quite clever. Damir feeds her information about the rescue of Orchid, the goblins, and the ants to keep her happy, but he keeps some details (mainly about the severities and the actual dangers involved) to himself. In exchange, Damir managed to leave with two days' worth of (unsalable, but still edible) breads and cookies. He continued on to his next stop, the schoolhouse and Miss Bliss. When he arrived, he spoke to Miss Bliss about his plans; she, too, though they were well thought out, especially after he demonstrated his new spell (Puff 'n Gone) to her, quite to her surprise. He then spoke to her about his travels, and finally admitted everything about Emby to her. The strength of his emotional involvement shocked her. She could give him no real advice, only a sympathetic shoulder, but Damir felt slightly better having been able to speak to someone about his problems. Having accomplished what he needed to, he set off again, this time for Peloria.

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