Damir Kent and Ferella Lane

The next day, Damir wanders the town looking for information on rental properties until he has to head for his gig at Grokoth's. He plays a rollicking good show (a perform of 30). Sylvia buys him a drink after the show and offers to set him up with "some people she knows" who might want to arrange for better performances. Damir says that if they are impressed by his next performance he'll talk to them. He then offers to take Sylvia and her friend (dark hair, slimmer than Sylvia) out along with Mrs. Mocmar and Ferella - after all, he made 12 GP in tips! They politely decline, and Damir returns to the Mocmars to take the two girls for a snow-cone. While there, Ferella asks Damir to help her find some "alternative news stories" for her paper. Damir does not agree or disagree. He does, however, discover that Ferella has found a place to rent and will be moving in at the end of the week. Damir has employment through then, so he agrees to stay until she's moved in.
The next morning, Damir sends a letter to his parents telling them of his job and explaining his delay in returning home. He tells them that he will write again when he has a time in mind to return to Gwivonna. He then heads out to gather some information for Ferella on possible sources of articles. Damir is looking for article material, sure, but his main focus is on rumor sources, wannabe reporters with actual talent, and other "alternative news" sources. Damir finds out that his appointment with the "talent agency" conflicts with a performance; he is forced to reschedule his appointment for the weekend. He then spends the next three days gathering info for Ferella, performing, and then gathering more info. He has some success the first day, but his success tapers off after that with regards to finding sources for Ferella. His second performance is mediocre, but his third is another sensational performance (another natural 20).
On the weekend, he gets up in the morning and packs up all his stuff at the Mocmars'. He writes a letter to Emby in the morning explaining that he may be unavailable for a while and asking how she's doing. Ferella steals this letter from him but finds it, frankly, kind of boring; she does, however, point out that he didn't tell her of his love for her. She seems nonchalant about this, however, which is odd; Damir doesn't know why, however. Ferella is very dressed up for shopping; Damir also finds this odd, but can't figure out why she's doing this. Damir and Ferella then go shopping; Damir buys some very nice armor, some paper, and some rations for the trip back to Gwivonna. Ferella pulls a fast one on Damir, telling him that she's lost a gift she made for him: a copy of the extremely bawdy song he wrote about her. She thinks she may have left it at the Mocmars' house. Damir volunteers to go there to look for it, but Ferella can't hold the lie and busts up laughing. Damir admits defeat and suggests they still return to the Mocmars' house so that he can get out of his armor and pack up his new rations. Ferella agrees that this is a good idea; she accompanies him. When they return to the Mocmars' house, however, Emby opens the door and throws her arms around Damir and Ferella busts into a round of "Happy Birthday" (Damir's birthday being 3 days hence).

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