Dangerous Games

After Peregrine returned from his homeland, Damir made the suggestion that the party set out for the Citadel. Damir explained that with the information the sorcerer had given them regarding traps and guards, they might be able to infiltrate the Citadel and make off with some items that would help greatly in the war, or at least prevent the other side from getting them. What he doesn't tell them is that he plans to steal some money as well to help defray the costs of the dragon, the rogues, and the Olidammaran priests. Before they leave, Damir purchases a light horse for Emby in Peloria so that they all may ride. They stick to the roads and ride quickly, reaching the Citadel only eleven days after leaving Peloria. As they are approaching the garrison-house, however, Peregrine and Damir notice something is not right. The priests that should be manning the guardhouse are walking outside, but their demeanor seems wrong. As they get closer, they realize that the priests are undead; the zombies attack, and the party quickly brings them down. Unfortunately, the party is unsure what if any guard remains; as they begin to sneak around to cover the guardhouse, Akblood the barbarian (orcish) and Nimas the Nerullian cleric exit loaded for bear. They attack, nearly bringing down Peregrine in the process. When Nimas is severely injured, however, they bug out. The party begins to heal their wounds and scour the area, but before they can bring down the wards preventing them from entering the Citadel they hear the telltale sound of an incoming teleport. When Igol the obese wizard appears on his enchanted throne, Damir goes temporarily insane. The battle is joined when he rushes Igol and jumps on the throne, attacking in a blind rage and raking the wizard with deep wounds from his rapier. Igol is wounded heavily in the first few seconds of the battle, but he flies up quickly, dumping Damir to the ground. The party's attacks are rendered nigh impossible by the chair blocking line of sight, and even Emby's dispel attempt is less useful than she'd hoped. When Igol begins raining down hellfire from spells and wands simultaneously, nearly killing everyone and dropping Damir, Emby and Amilyn run to tend to him. As soon as she reaches him, Emby uses a charge from her ring of teleport to take the two of them to Bastion. Peregrine runs to hide until Emby can return; she does so quickly, burning the last two charges from her ring in the process (to get back and then return him to Bastion). Everyone is tended to quickly, and the party informs the priests in Bastion that their garrison had been killed. They send priests immediately to recover the bodies and the party's horses. When the priests arrive, thankfully Igol departs - he is still too injured to take a party of Pelor's warriors at this point. The party decides to stay in Bastion for a couple days to recover and regroup.
That night, Damir is awakened by an intense nightmare, much more intense than he'd experienced in a long time. His panic wakes Emby, who holds him and comforts him until he calms. He repays her kindness with kisses, then goes back to sleep. In the morning, she speaks with him about some spells she's planning on developing - she would like to develop a "lullaby" spell, but she is reluctant to tell him of the other. When he convinces her to, she tells him she'd like to develop a spell to target Igol's chair, dispelling its functionality. He agrees to help, holding back his anger as best he can, but she sees through him and chastises him for his rash behavior. He agrees to try to restrain himself. Later, he asks Peregrine, Emby, and Amilyn to help him in a ploy he plans on trying. He explains that it might be dangerous and asks to borrow Emby's ring. When she reminds him that it is out of charges, he replies, "I know." He explains that they need to find a druid; after a few hours, they discover that one is masquerading as an antiquities merchant. The others position themselves around the building while Damir casts Mindshare and an illusion spell of the gnomish device he'd given to Malicor. He walks in as the merchant is dealing with another customer, but when the man recognizes who Damir is and what he's holding, he finishes that deal quickly. With the merchant's full attention, Damir explains that he'll be leaving the unknown item in a secret hold he'd found in Drummond's new base. He then uses Puff and Gone and his Major Image spell to pretend that he's teleported away, and then back. He tells the man that if they want to find the device before Drummond does, they should hurry; he then leaves.
That evening, Damir contacts Malicor via the earring. He tells Malicor what he's done to the druids and informs him that the priests have an urgent need for more men. Damir says that while sending a stranger to help contact some of the DragonSlayers may not be the wisest course of action, it may be necessary. Under the circumstances, Malicor agrees with him and tells him to head to the Valley of the Sun. Malicor says that if he makes it known that he has the sword, he'll soon be contacted. Though Damir doesn't think this is an extremely wise plan, he's fairly certain that the party is safe from most burglars. He suggests this plan to the party, and they agree, heading out on horseback to Tantor as quickly as possible so that they can teleport directly to Teveron.

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