If the Devil Danced in Empty Pockets. . . .

After arriving in Peloria, Damir searches around to find someone to journey with him to Nevermoor (and hopefully to make them pay for his journey). He poked around a little and found a man "Peregrine" who was planning to go to Nevermoor and was looking for travelling companions. Damir, playing the tough, met up with him in a dive bar and spoke with him. When dismissed as too young and inexperienced, Damir used Mage Hand to surreptitiously steal his drink and show off a bit. Reluctantly, Peregrine agreed to hunt for him in exchange for his sword on the trip. Damir then purchased an ale and stirred up a rousing rendition of "The Drunken Sailor" in celebration. Damir then went looking for an additional person to join the group and encountered a female half-elf named Dagger who would be interested in escort. Damir worked out a deal with her, and then went to a temple of Pelor to negotiate a night's rest in exchange for services rendered. He performed healing and inspired competence in some priests; in exchange, he obtained a free night's rest. The next morning, he spoke with some priests and promised to bring them anything rare and exotic that he finds on his trip; in exchange, he is given a cure light wounds potion. Feeling good about this day, he sets off for his meeting with Peregrine and Dagger.

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