Dinner with the Folks

2.02) Dinner with the Folks
Damir prepared himself for the meeting with Emby's parents by changing clothing and primping himself a bit. He walked with Dextra and Emby through Tantor towards Emby's house (located near the middle of town in a wealthier district), but Dextra left after seeing the appalling conditions under which some of the horses were stabled at some local establishments (apparently to chew the proprietors out). Damir and Emby came to her house around mid-afternoon; Damir was asked to stay for supper. Damir busied himself for a short while by putting Emby's belongings into her room as neatly as he could without invading her privacy; following that, he joined Emby and her mother (human) in the dining room for a chat. Damir listened intently for quite a while until pulled into the conversation by Emby's mother. In attempting to steer the conversation towards Emby's finer points, however, Damir made a major faux pas and told Emby's mother the tale of their capture of the criminal Gwivonnan. Because he focused on Emby's role in the incident, he dramatized her spellcasting and left himself nearly totally out of the tale; however, since Emby's parents did not know that she was studying magic under Mr. Malicor, Damir's tale caused quite a stir. Emby became quite upset with Damir, and only by the graces of his silver tongue did Damir talk Emby's father into quite liking the idea of her going to Mount Pon to study. Emby's mother shooed Damir from the house quite soon after supper. Damir visited a local general store to make some gear purchases, on a whim buying himself a rather fine new outfit. He then adjourned to an inn and posted a letter to Emby telling her of his room's location. Damir went to bed early and awoke early to canvas the town; at roughly 9 AM he knocked at Emby's door to inquire about the results of her parents' conversation the previous night. He found that she had been permitted to try to gain admittance to Mount Pon, and he congratulated her. She was wearing an interesting dress as well; he complimented her on this and bid her farewell until the evening, during which he would take her and her parents out to dine. He then wandered the town a bit, and finding a place to perform he proceeded to put on a masterful (rolled 28 total) show to earn some money for the dinner that evening.

2.03) Dinner with the Folks Part 2: Mama Mia!
Performing in Tantor to earn some money for a dinner with Emby's parents, Damir encounters a lovely and charming woman. Damir found a quiet, classy, inexpensive restaurant to perform in, and to which he would be taking Emby and her parents later this evening; however, during his performance he notices a lovely woman he had encountered earlier on the street, though he did not remember this. He felt a definite physical attraction for this woman, and he also slightly recognized her… though this could just be his imagination (he didn't remember the encounter on the street, after all, but he had felt the same physical attraction there as well). Notices Nameless Woman (Sylvia Curoque) looking at him during three non-consecutive occasions for a total of about 8 minutes. She and her friends eat there from about 4 until 5. Talked owner into letting me come back for tomorrow afternoon (half day) and also into holding a table for me (2 SP deposit). Went to Emby's, leaving instruments there and waiting for her father to come home before setting off for the restaurant. Damir killed time waiting for Emby's father by playing Dreams of a Child for her and her mother. He charmed Mr. and Mrs. Mocmar's socks off at dinner to help apologize to Emby for getting her into trouble. Damir finds out from Emby that she plans to stay in Tantor for 2 days before leaving for Mount Pon (IE, leaving the day after tomorrow).

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