Eater of the Dead

After returning to the Citadel, the party sets up at their "base camp" inside of one of the less-damaged buildings. The party ties up their horses and continues into the keep. They continue to explore the first floor of the Citadel's keep, encountering some skeleton warriors and dispatching them relatively quickly. They then encounter an odd, wormlike creature with regenerative abilities. The party dispatches the creature with some difficulty, taking its head for further study. The party then returns to the guard-house to inform the priests of their finds so far. MORE DETAILS ABOUT PATH. After the party exits the Citadel, they request assistance from some priests from Bastion - specifically, they wish to send their loot to Bastion and offer to pay the priests to convey it there. The priests agree to ride out and escort their goods to Bastion.
The next day, the party returns to the Citadel to explore the rooms they had been scared away from the day before. The odd, wormlike creature has regrown and surprises them, attacking them with the help of some zombie archers. The party corners and kills the zombies and the wormlike creature, this time for good, but some nearby tree-creatures overhear the combat and attack the party. The party fights to the best of their abilities, killing the two smaller tree-creatures that had attacked them; however, the larger tree-creature proves too difficult, and the party splits up, distracts the creature, and flees. They plan to prepare as many fire spells as possible and rig their weapons with pitch so that when they return the next day they will stand a better chance against the large tree-creature. MORE DETAILS ABOUT PATH

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