. . . Even If It's Not a Good Idea

Emby and Damir decide to play the roles of prospective students whose admission has been turned down this year but who will be back next year to try again. They weasel their way into being granted a tour of the academy, Damir keeping the guide occupied and dishing out as much information as possible throughout the tour. Damir talks the girl student working the front desk (Linda) into taking him and Emby for a tour. The tour leads them through the bulk of campus and eventually down into the dormitories. There, Damir and Emby talk Linda into taking them into the library for a look around. Damir was charming enough to convince Linda to let them stay for a few hours and flip through some works, so Damir reads through a stack of campus newsletters that Emby had found. Meanwhile, Emby looks for materials on chronomancy; she finds no references to classes ever having been taught, but she does find a dictionary definition of chronomancy. She also finds a reference to the instructor that Malicor told her to look for, but only a vague one - he is mentioned as having been on the teaching staff (A. Transen). After a few hours, Damir feels much more familiar with campus (can now use Bardic Knowledge in Mount Pon); as it is getting late, he and Emby decide to wrap up the tour quickly and head back to the inn to get some sleep. Upon coming back to the room, Damir remembers that the damn thing changes color based on the occupants' moods… which means he won't be able to keep his problems from Emby for long at all. Stepping into the room triggers a conversation that simply serves to confuse Emby because she has no clue where Damir is coming from; she ends up thinking he's just going to miss her and is sad because he won't hear from her in a while. He lets her think this and works for a short time on his song, then tries to go to sleep.

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