The Fall of the Roamin' Empire Part III: To Catch a Clue

The next day, Damir and Peregrine left mid-morning with four dwarven warriors in tow, bent on clearing the dwarves' mine. They poked around carefully, disarming what traps they could find, and worked their way slowly into the great hall and the antechamber beyond. When they worked their way into the throne room, they found a treasure chest containing dwarvish documents on the mine. The only document that really interested them was the map of the mine, which Damir added to his sketch of the mine from before. With that addition, the party no longer had to worry about the dwarven traps, just the traps the assassin had set. The party laid their found treasure in the great hall so that the dwarves could peruse it at their leisure and continued on. They found basically nothing of interest in the dwarves' living quarters; one of the rooms had become occupied by a gelatinous cube, which they killed (with some difficulty), but there was little treasure or information to be found other than that. The secret passageways near there, however, held the assassin's treasure chest. The chest opened easily with a turn of the key found on the assassin's person days before; however, when Peregrine opened the lid, a spring-loaded blade popped out and nearly slammed shut on his hands. The dwarves pried the chest open and held it so that Peregrine could disarm this trap, and Damir and Peregrine took what they wanted of the loot. The party then moved over to the other side of the mine to explore the forge-room. While in the forge, Damir heard snickering and alerted the now-dispersed party. While they were looking for the source of the sound, the party was attacked by dust mephits. After two were killed, the other two escaped, causing little damage to the party but inconveniencing them greatly. Beyond the forge, the party found the shrine to Moradin; Damir did not enter the shrine, but the dwarves explored it quickly to make sure it was intact and not desecrated. Having spend nearly two hours exploring the mine, the party was now left with only the main shaft to search. They managed to walk down the shaft without triggering any of the dwarven traps. The elevators did not look very functional, so the party ignored them and continued past the main excavation to the "stable" area where the dwarves kept their cart-creatures. A stone gate blocked the natural cavern that was used as the stables; the gate was marked with the likeness of an Umber Hulk, the creature the dwarves tamed and trained for menial labor. Shortly after entering the cave, the party was ambushed by a large, bipedal dragon-like creature. It charged the dwarves as Damir and Peregrine fired volleys of arrows into its flanks; thankfully, the dwarves' heavy, well-crafted armor took the brunt of the injuries. The dwarves were wounded moderately come the end of the battle, however, so Damir healed the most severely wounded and mended some of the carvings in the mine that had been damaged during the battles and break-ins. Having now secured the mine, Damir and Peregrine returned to town with wyvern-head in tow to collect bounties and get some rest. Damir had a drink with the dwarves and asked them to make him some jewelry, in exchange offering them 5 platinum pieces plus the materials to make the jewelry. Damir had them make a platinum necklace with a rose quartz (made worth 6900 GP), which he plans to give to Ferella; a pair of silver earrings in the shape of a halo with a rose quartz center chip (made worth 1200 GP) for his mother; a pair of silver earrings in the shape of a berry bush with rose quartz chip berries (made worth 600 GP) for Mrs. Mocmar; and a delicate platinum ring with a finely-crafted setting for two ruby chips (made worth 9000 GP) for Emby.
After returning from the bar with the dwarves, Damir met a courier who had a letter for him from his parents; he was worried at first, but then found that the letter was quite old and had been in the area for a while, so it had not been intercepted. Later on that evening, Damir was called into the high priest's office; a letter had materialized for him. As he read it, he found that it was from Malicor; the writing would appear and fade as he read, not allowing anyone else to see the letter's contents. Malicor stated that he was certain that this letter had not been intercepted and told Damir he had been asked to pay attention to him by his pupil. Emby then wrote a postscript saying, "What the hell are you doing? What got into you? Was that really a WYVERN?!" That was followed by a second postscript, which said "Ferella says hi. She wants to know more, too." Damir dropped the letter when he realized that she had seen him fight the wyvern, but thought about the situation for a few minutes, read the rest of the letter, and penned at the bottom, "If you can read this, I need to ask you a question when Emby is not around." The next day, Damir hung around the temple, writing songs, helping people, and basically relaxing a bit. Around three in the afternoon, Damir received another letter from Malicor along with a small marble or bead. The letter told him to squeeze the bead and whisper the question, so he did: "Do you know anything about wounds that cause scarring even when healed magically, and in fact resist magical healing?" Malicor responded a few minutes later saying that he did but did not know a whole lot and that he would talk to Miss Bliss about it. The next day, Damir went with the priests to the "crypt" area as they hadn't finished clearing out the undead there. Damir hung back, guarding the entrance, but had activated Speak With Allies so that he could alert the priests if anything came down the stairs. When Peregrine appeared at the top of the stairs and identified himself, Damir informed the priests that another ally was in the area and that they would be coming up to help. Damir had the priests use their spells for attack; he and Peregrine covered them, and Damir cast Cure Light Wounds if a priest was injured. Upon reaching the last room of the complex, the priests charged a huge, heavily armored undead warrior with more speed and finesse than Damir had seen before. The Death Knight was vanquished by the high-level trio of St. Cuthbertians, with assistance from their trio of lower-level clerics as well as Damir and Peregrine. Unbeknownst to Damir, Malicor was watching the end-half of the crypt crawl and saw him participate in this fight. The Death Knight was "interrogated" as to the cause of his original death by the priests; he was assassinated in Tantor by the same assassin who attacked Damir, which piqued Peregrine's interest in heading southwest. Damir wanted to stay and hunt bandits - well, to make sure they had basically left the area; Damir and Peregrine scouted for two weeks, and finding nearly nothing, they agreed that it was time to leave Nevermoor. Damir collected his jewelry from the dwarves; they were unwilling to part with such amazing works for such a small price, so Damir offered his word of honor that they could call upon him for assistance in the future. They agreed to this, as he had already performed beyond the call of duty in finding the original clan lineage of the mine and contacting the surviving dwarves of that clan; also, gathering them to clear the mine so it would be save to inhabit played in his favor. He was given the jewelry, but gave his oath in exchange. When it became apparent that there was no more bandit threat in the area, Damir wrote another letter and kept it with him in the hope that Malicor would see it while scrying upon him: "Seem to have run out of danger here. Will try to find more elsewhere. For now, however, area seems safe. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your concern." He kept it with him for a few days; on the day he and Peregrine left town, he burned it for safety's sake.

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