Fangs for the Memories

Their trip to Nevermoor was surprisingly uneventful; the aberrations along the road had been either driven off or killed, and they made the trip nearly unmolested. In Bastion, they laid out plans to stalk their prey. Damir also covertly arranged for the dwarf to make him another ring, this time a platinum engagement ring with two blue diamonds (so that he could add the band to Emby's current ring). He paid 20 GP worth of pure gold as down payment and gave the dwarf a blue diamond worth 1750 GP for the ring, telling the dwarf to take his time. Damir told him that he'd be back to pick it up in over a month, and he would pay the balance as the dwarf wished. They slept but 5 or 6 hours that night, and set off before dawn to track their prey. After a few days spent trudging through the swamp, they encountered a group of three men: one, their prey; two, a half-dragon warrior; and three, a half-elf who dressed like a priest. The party stalked them until they camped, then attacked on their prey's watch. Emby blasted the other two with sonic bolts as Peregrine feathered his prey, but they stood firm; even entanglement and web spells couldn't slow these men down, and the party was forced to flee after having been shot quite a few times by their crossbows. Damir and Peregrine managed to save against some slaying arrows (Peregrine 3, Damir 1), which Damir later identified. The party decided to stalk these men for a while to see if they'd split up; they tried to use blood from one of the arrows that hit their prey to activate their divining rod, but this failed; the party then used blood from an arrow that had hit the half-elf to activate the rod successfully. Their prey didn't split up, though, and in fact trudged into a dank swamp den six days later. As the party was debating how to handle this new turn of events, a large black dragon burst forth from the muck with the men on its back, and they flew over the mountains to the north (into the Wild). The party quickly followed over the mountains. As they were crossing the peak, Damir took ill with Mummy Rot from the magically-infested swamp. Luckily, a few days later the party stumbled into an explorer. She told them that she was a ranger until a few months ago (around 6), when she spoke with Ehlonna and changed her path, becoming a priest. Upon talking to the party about their current quest, she asked if she could join them, telling them that the Wild was in pain and she thinks that their quest might be tied to hers. Peregrine agreed. The party then walked a few more days into the craggy wastes of the Wild, using the divining rod as soon as it reactivated. The rod led them to the lip of this craggy crater - they snuck carefully up to it once they could see it in the distance. Thanks to their cloaks, they snuck past the watchdragon (who is now laired on a craggy hill a mile away. They carefully spied upon the secret hideout (a temple, a barracks, and a mausoleum) sitting at the bottom of the crater, noting the appearance of everyone they saw so that Damir could make sketches later. After a few hours of spying, Damir recognizes one of the people down below as Lord Gallagher Drummond, aka The Necromancer. He relays this information to the others, and three of them (not Peregrine) sneak away to relay this information to Bastion. They wait for a few hours until Peregrine catches up to them, and they head back over the mountains toward Bastion. While they are still three days out from Bastion, they encounter some priests heading towards the Citadel. Damir stops them and asks them to relay their message to Bastion, and after presented with some proof, they agree and send the message. The party makes haste to return to Bastion and gives the priests what information they can. Damir talks them into letting him write some letters for possibly friendly factions (the priests of Ehlonna, the Tantorian Wizards' Guild, the Temple of St. Cuthbert, the Heironeun Temple, and the elves of El'terran) and teleporting the party back to Tantor. He also picked up his commissioned ring from the dwarf: a platinum band with two blue diamonds spaced to fit against the ruby ring and worth 1,000 GP. He asked the priest to tell him whenever he needs payment and told the dwarf that if he should turn up dead the dwarf should talk to Malicor about getting his payment. That night, in the early morning hours of April 20th, 645, Damir Krupalia accidentally woke Emby Mocmar, who noticed her ring was missing (Damir had stolen it earlier so the dwarf could fix the two bands together). As a result, Damir nervously proposed marriage, and Emby accepted as soon as she could speak. Damir then wrote another set of letters, one to the party, one to Emby, and one to the Mocmars. His letter to the party gave some suggestions on how to approach the wizards and the various temples. His letter to the Mocmars spoke of his engagement to Emby and of how much he loved her, telling her he was sorry he couldn't be there to tell them in person. His letter to Emby apologized for his sudden disappearance, told her that he loves her, and told her that he would meet up with them again in either Gwivonna or in Bastion. The party remained in town for another day until the priests were willing to teleport them - Damir had convinced them to teleport HIM to Gwivonna instead of Tantor. Damir takes the opportunity to talk to Miss Bliss briefly, telling her about his and Emby's relationship. That night, just before the priests teleport them, Damir hands over the letters. Then the party appears near Tantor's transit platform sans Damir, who appears on Malicor's doorstep.

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