What Do You Fight Fire With Again?

The next morning, Peregrine awakens early to gather the troops for the infiltration. The calvalry prepares their charge, but Peregrine can't find Emby or Damir anywhere. He reports their absense to the generals, learning that they'd left via scrying, and heads into the breach with the other members of the infiltrating team. They teleport into what they think is the empty storage room of the lower level of the hideout. They hear a ruckus beyond the door, but in the dark they can't tell what's going on. They spy through the keyhole and learn that they're in Grog's (in Tantor) "wine cellar." Peregrine and Amilyn send the others back to report that they'd bounced; they stay to try to meet up with Damir and Emby.
Meanwhile, Damir sleeps late, subconsciously realizing he's safe now without actually waking up. Emby sits through the early morning fretting about his reaction when he finally does wake up. When he does, he sits bolt upright, looking confused. Before he can say anything, Emby blurts out what she'd done. Damir starts to become angry, but briefly; he contains it and does not let it show. When he finally speaks, he begins to tell Emby that they have to go back as fast as possible - after all, the army needs all the help… it… can… get… . With that line, Damir realizes that he might be better help recruiting additional support for the priests. He gathers their stuff, and he and Emby race out of town toward Tantor. They pay for a loaner horse and ride to Tantor, reaching there at the beginning of the evening. When they do, Damir looks for a horse to purchase; he ends up purchasing Killer, the orc wizard's heavy war horse (which is still in the stables awaiting sale, so he gets a good price). He quickly speaks to the wizards' guild in Tantor, then races on to Mount Pon to recruit help there. Emby rides with him, and Damir pushes himself and the horse to ride on through the night. They reach Mount Pon around dawn. Damir and Emby cast spells into one of Mount Pon's eyes and are carried up the mountain on a floating platform. They leave Killer in a stable there. Damir heads in to talk to Professor Transen, leaving a message for him and telling him it is extremely important. Transen agrees to see him, and Damir explains the situation. Damir also mentions that the Necromancer has a black dracon working for him. As a result, he learns from another professor that black dragons have a mortal enemy in bronze dragons. He also learns that a bronze dragon might be lairing somewhat nearby, around the shoreline south of Olidammara's Valley (The Valley of the Sun). The rumors are unconfirmed, but the professor admits that this would be a perfect area for the dragon to lair. Transen agrees to discuss with some others at Mount Pon the possibility of them helping the war effort. He tells Damir to wait at the exit to the Cave of Trials for the answer.
Meanwhile, Peregrine and Amilyn had learned from the scrying earlier that Damir planned to go to Mount Pon. They purchase horses in Tantor and, learning that Damir was already on his way to Mount Pon, pursue him. Not knowing about the side entrances, they have to go through the Cave of Trials, which slows them down considerably. When they exit, they encounter Emby and Damir, hiding and waiting for them (they heard them coming up the slide). Reunited, Damir explains the situation with the bronze dragon and suggests that they look for him. They are teleported as a favor into the elven border town of Tir Lanca, and they set out in search of the rumored bronze dragon.
A few days pass before they find the dragon's lair; when they do, they come in during low tide through a surface cave access. They realize eventually that the dragon has been watching them in the form of a toad. Damir speaks to the bronze dragon, whose name, they learn, is Skolakadaz. He offers money and the chance to kill a black dragon, and eventually Skolakadaz agrees to assist them. Damir gives him directions and his word that he'll pay in full as soon as the war is over.

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