Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Peregrine asks Damir and Dagger to wait for him in his room. While there, Dagger attempts to thief some of Peregrine's cash, and Damir stops her by using Mage Hand to lift the cash out of reach. Caught in the act, Damir explains himself to Peregrine (with Dagger out of the room) by stabbing Peregrine, then healing him. He tells Peregrine that he wants to help the people of Nevermoor. Peregrine allows him and Dagger to join up. Peregrine has found another companion, Mist; she is a halfling woodswoman who will be joining them tomorrow, and they will leave then. Damir returns to the temple to work on his songs and help out the priests. It's about a 20-day trip overall, if you're on foot. We manage to make it 19 days into the trip before encountering any trouble; we feel good about this. On day 20, we take a difficult sidetrack to avoid a possible trouble spot, which leads us a mile out of our way; in the mountains, that adds a day to our trip. While on this sidetrack, we encounter a giant scorpion; recklessly, Damir tries to draw it out, getting injured in the process. He cures himself and mends his clothing quickly, however, and Mist and Dagger don't even know that he was injured. Damir then pokes around where the scorpion was, finding 6 scorpion eggs and 29 GP. He divides up the gold, 6 pieces to each with 5 held in reserve. The eggs, however, he hides in a sack. When asked about the sack, he tells the group that he found some bones that he would like identified. He finds a buyer when they get to town. Dagger splits before he sells the eggs; however, Mist sticks around. Damir finds a buyer and sells the eggs for another 30 GP. Damir splits this amongst the remaining three, and they head toward the shrine to see the sheriff and collect a bounty on the scorpion they've killed. Peregrine nets a bounty of 5 GP, which he shares a bit of. Damir then heads off to help the town by playing songs and healing people and stuff. He spends the day healing and helping, then plays a decent concert at night to improve the spirits of the town. Damir had asked Mist and Peregrine to hunt some owlbear for a feast. They took a large group out with them and hunted down two owlbear, bringing in enough meat for a small feast. During the next few days, Damir spent the days helping the priests and cheering up the townfolk. He also wrote and sent a few letters. The first letter was to his parents, telling them he had joined up with some Pelorian priests and was helping them out. He told them he was fine and will write again. The next letter was to Emby, telling her simply: "Hello, Emby. I have reached Nevermoor safely and am doing well. I hope your midterms went well - I'm sure you did fine. I'll write again later." Next, he wrote to Ferella, telling her that his situation has changed and he is in Nevermoor, not Gwivonna. He downplays this a lot, putting it in the middle of a long letter asking her about how she's doing and how the paper is going. He also asks for a copy of her paper. Finally, Damir writes to Mr. and Mrs. Mocmar, telling them thank you for their hospitality. He also tells them that he may be sending some packages their way and asks them to keep them until he sends another letter; they are parts of a gift for Emby, but he doesn't want her to get them until the present is complete. Finally, Damir begins to talk to people around town, looking for information on where good bounties are. He is planning on going with Mist and Peregrine to get some bounty money. He is also asking specifically about the raiders in the area; he is discreetly trying to set up a meeting with the bandits - he wants to buy (or so he claims).

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