Genesis Redux

Upon arrival at Malicor's home, Emby and Damir enter to speak with him; everyone else remains outside. Fellan sits patiently, writing, and Ramius tries to chat with Ferella for a while. Inside, Emby and Damir explain the situation to Malicor. When the orc situation has been adequately explained and Emby begins to talk to Malicor about the other Damirs, Damir interjects that he would like to speak with Malicor about that alone. Emby protests, and Damir gives in, allowing her to listen to what he has to say. He first askes Malicor if the liquid pleasure would be worth anything to him, and Malicor nods slightly. Damir then pays for the ritual with the liquid pleasure and for the scrying with the Wand of Magic Missile taken from the deceased Evil Damir. Next, Damir asks to be the life force donor for his two "clones." Malicor agrees and explains the ritual. Emby then tries to convice Malicor to let her contribute as well; Damir insists that she not unless there's no danger to her and imminent danger to him. Damir wins out; Malicor disallows Emby from contributing to the ritual. Malicor then calls in Ramius and Fellan, carefully going over them and examining them in every way he can. After many hours of this, Malicor and Damir begin the first ritual, which takes slighly more than three hours (Damir contributes 280 XP to Fellan). Fellan waits for Damir to leave after this, then offers Malicor his liquid courage (similar to liquid pleasure) as his payment for the service. After this, Damir rests for a while; he heads down to see Miss Bliss while gathering his strength for the next ritual. Miss Bliss senses his discomfort, stronger than it's ever been before, and questions him about the cause. She learns about the mirror Damirs, hearing the story of how the first man Damir killed was "himself," and learns of how Damir is now trying to save the others' "lives." She tries to comfort him a bit about this situation. She then feels out Damir, finding that something else is bothering him; he explains that he doesn't know where he stands with Emby, but he's just going to wait it out and try not to influence her. He then tells Miss Bliss that if Emby comes to talk to her, she has his permission to tell Emby whatever she needs to know. Damir then leaves. Outside, he is met by Fellan. The two talk briefly, Fellan telling Damir that he is a hero for saving him and Ramius and Damir denying that he is now or will ever be a hero. Fellan tells Damir that he's heading to Peloria now to find his life but will keep an ear out for news of Damir, knowing he'll hear some. Fellan shakes Damir's hand and leaves. Damir returns to Malicor's and performs the ritual again for Ramius; this time, the ritual takes nearly seven hours and tears Damir up. He begins to stumble home, but he is unable to make it by himself; Peregrine carries him the rest of the way and dumps him in his room, explaining to the Krupalijas, "Hard day at Malicor's." Meanwhile, Emby had been reading through the writings and viewing the sketches of the deceased evil Damir. His songs are nothing like Damir's (save "Falling for the First Time); instead, they are dark and disgusting, telling about Emby's death, how he would find a demon to bring her back, etc. He also sketched, but his sketches were pornographic images of Ferella and Emby and a "catalog of conquests" depicting the women he'd talked into sleeping with him. When Damir finally awoke, he found Emby sitting in the inn room by the fireplace watching some papers burn. She looked upset, so he quietly asked if she wanted to talk about it. She said she wasn't comfortable doing so. Damir told her if he was the reason, she should talk to Miss Bliss; otherwise, he'd be sitting at a nearby table if she needed to talk. After a while, she walked over and sat next to him, asking to speak in private. Damir cast Speak with Allies to ensure their privacy. Emby asked what the worst thing Damir ever thought about her had been; Damir thought about that and told her that back before he knew her well he thought she was stuffy. As they talked a little, Damir guessed correctly that Emby had found something disturbing in the writings of the evil Damir. Damir did not ask what they were, but told Emby that he wouldn't be surprised if she blamed him. He admitted that he blamed himself a bit. Emby told him that she didn't really blame him, then said that she was going to go get cleaned up and visit in the town. Damir let the spell drop and bid her good day, then ate breakfast and walked back to Malicor's to view the scrying. Malicor would not allow them to view the scrying, telling them that he would compile the information and give it to them later.
Damir also visited Chastity and the girls at the Silky Doll while in town; the only major incident there occured as he was leaving the Doll. He tumbled over the balcony, landing perfectly but scaring the girls quite a bit. As he left, he cast Prestidigitation as an illusion, throwing fake handkerchiefs at the girls because they had thrown handkerchiefs at him for jumping off the balcony. Chastity found out about this and decided that Damir was casting spells at her to make her feel odd. She decided to contact Ferella and have a meal with her "to discuss business" but also to discuss Damir. Ferella told Damir this, and they hatched a plan to have the girls all react strongly to Damir when he played for them at the meal. Ferella then would take Chastity away to talk business, but would also tell her that it was obvious she was falling in love with Damir and she should just forget about that because Damir is unattainable. The plan, amazingly, seemed to work fairly well, and Damir's rendition of Roguish Bard served to emphasize Ferella's point; Chastity walked away from the meeting less inclined to believe that Damir was charming her.
After the scrying, Damir asked Emby to dinner at his parents' inn, since they were all staying there anyway. Emby agreed but picked at her food a bit, looking morose. After a while, Damir asked if Emby was interested in talking about it. She didn't speak for a few minutes, then said that she was sorry for doubting him. Damir, confused, spoke to her about this; Emby admitted that she'd spoken to Miss Bliss about Damir and had found out about his motives. She also found out that he had been perfectly honest with her for a long time, and that she was one of only three people that could say this. Damir went spoke to her for a while about this, taking her up to his room and keeping everything low-key because of his temptation to influence her. After a while, she admitted that she wanted to come with him but could not because Malicor had put a geas on her to force her to return to Mount Pon. Damir tried to comfort her, then told her that she should try to get some sleep and not think about it until the next day. After Emby went to bed, Damir grabbed his sword belt and backpack and walked to Malicor's. When he pulled the bell, Malicor entered and allowed Damir in. Damir told Malicor bluntly that while he may be intelligent and experience, his choice of handling Emby was wrong. Malicor yelled at him, telling him to get out; as he left, Damir told Malicor that Damir hoped Malicor's hubris didn't extend further than it already had. Damir added that he shouldn't force his opinions on others just because he could, then turned the knob and walked away. The next morning, Emby ran up to him as he was playing an improv show in front of the inn; she jumped into his arms and told him that Malicor had released her from the geas. Damir congratulated her but told her to consider returning to Mount Pon anyway. She asked him to Miss Bliss's to discuss this, saying that she would not come along with him if he insisted she didn't, but that it would upset her. Damir told her that he would not force her; it was her decision. He just wanted her to be safe and happy. They went to Miss Bliss's, where Emby was given the "memory" of Damir's assassin attack so that she knew how everything felt; this was originally a thought of Damir's on how to dissuade her from wanting to come along, but one he dismissed quickly as unfair. Miss Bliss, however, chose to go with it when Emby expressed an interest. Emby then admitted that Damir was much better than she imagined and much better than her. She still wanted to go, though, to protect and watch over him and to try to learn some new things she couldn't learn at Mount Pon. Damir asked her to get the equipment she'd need and she could come along. He then returned to Malicor's to apologize; surprisingly, Malicor also apologized to Damir for raising his voice. Damir told Malicor that Emby was planning to come along with him and he was concerned for her safety. Malicor then "accidentally" broke one of his research items and told Damir that he'd have to find a 100 GP pearl to replace it. Damir quickly came up with a short list of other items that Malicor "needed" (a tiny bit of mithril, some silver, and a rowan log) and went to tell Emby and Peregrine that Malicor wouldn't be able to give them the scrying results until they returned with the items. They spent a final hour in town preparing to leave, then headed out of town. During this final hour, Damir gave Ferella her birthday present early, telling her she had to wait until her birthday to open it. The package that he gave her contained three vials of colored inks.

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