The Good, the Bad, and the Holy

On the way north to the Citadel, the party encounters a lone priest journeying towards the priests' encampment. This makes the party suspicious of that priest (who is the corrupter in disguise). Damir moves in to speak with the priest, feigning friendliness but preparing to attack. They speak for a short while, but the bard, invisible, overhears their conversation and does not believe Damir's words. Battle is met, and the PCs manage to bring down the corrupter (alive, but captured) while the bard makes his escape. Damir quickly heads north to the encampment so he might warn the priests. He comes back to camp with a pair of priests; Peregrine asks him to help interrogate the corrupter. Damir does so for a short time, but when it becomes obvious that the half-dragon is not going to cooperate, Damir and Peregrine run him through (as he is trying to breath acid at Damir). After he's killed, Damir looks at him and says, "You are no man," (as this is the first "human" Damir has killed, excluding the kobolds) then returns to camp. The party sleeps there and gets up early, heading to the priests' encampment; there, they gather 30 or 35 priests and head north. The party forced-marches ahead of the priests to try to catch the bard; they do so, and Amilyn kills him with an arrow guided by the hand of Ehlonna straight to the vile villain's neck. He tumbles down a hillside, and the party must climb down to retrieve what remains of his gear. They take what they can carry and use and leave the rest for the priests to gather, waiting for them to catch up to pass it on. Afterwards, they forced-march ahead of the priests again to reach the crater's edge as soon as possible. Upon reaching there, they observe carefully and quietly for a while. Peregrine eventually decides to head into the fortress; finding no one there but undead, he begins to leave. Unbeknownst to him, however, he has been spotted by the sorcerer and the rogue, who have remained behind looking for stragglers. They light a signal fire to alert the dragon, and the rogue and dragon pursue the party. Peregrine and Damir are severely wounded by the two, but luckily the priests aren't far behind the party and come to their rescue. The party and the priests quickly raid the fortress, killing the undead left there. They leave some priests to raid and clean up the place, then head further north following the tracks of the escapees. They leave behind some equipment for the priests, too: the corruptor's full plate armor, shield, longsword, and cloak; Amilyn's cloak of Elvenkind; Damir's Eager Rapier; and the dead bard's hand crossbow, crossbow bolts, and magical horn.

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