The group continued on through the forest and out into the plains. Their journey through the plains, while long, was relatively uneventful; only the river posed a serious challenge, and as it was low and the party took their time to ford, no gear was lost and there were no major difficulties. They were packing their food, many pounds of meat, from kills Peregrine took in the forest; the meat was running low by the time they reached the other, elven forest (which was their goal), but it lasted them across the plains. As they worked their way into the forest, the weather (which had been bad, but not too bad to continue) turned; sleet poured upon the party's heads, slicking the paths for the horses and drenching them and their gear. As luck would have it, Peregrine soon spotted a stone structure that looked long abandoned but still intact; he decided to check it out, and decided that it looked adequate as shelter. In fact, inside the large, cylindrical structure, it was quite warm and dry. There was an altar there as well, but Peregrine didn't recognize the god to which it stood. When Emby and Damir entered, however, Damir immediately recognized the altar and the building's purpose; this building was a long-forgotten waystation of Fharlanghn, the god of travelers. Damir knelt before the altar and placed three gold pieced into it, saying a short prayer of thanks for the consideration. His time had to be cut short, however, as there remained an unexplored area of this sanctuary. Unlike most waystations, this one had a staircase that led down out of the "back" of the building into some underground passageways. These underground passages were not under the protection of the same enchantments that warmed the main building, and thus were cold and damp. While down there, Damir acted as "lamp" using Dancing Lights and later torches. The area was infested with sightless, tentacled snake-monsters with rock-hard skin, flying octopi that Emby recognized as "Darkstalkers," a large, black, hellish canine, and a pair of disembodied, demonically-winged flying heads. The snake-monsters posed a great difficulty because weapons wanted to simply glance off; thankfully, Peregrine's archery skills and magical blade added to Emby's new defensive spells took care of these creatures. The dog-creature and the bat-winged heads nearly shattered something in Emby's mind with their baying and shrieking, but instinctively Damir sang a bright melody that tore the magic from their screams and snapped Emby back into the real world. Thankfully, the party managed to kill these creatures as well as find and seal up the cracks through which they entered the complex. The complex was marked out in various runes, and the party discovered that the underground portion was a waystation with different rooms for different races. The waystation was known as Kazaad, or so the runes identified it. The central area of the waystation was locked, but the party determined that a token they found in the complex (which was stamped with Fharlanghn's holy symbol) allowed them entrance. Out of curiousity, Damir showed his holy symbol to the watch-statues that stood in the central chamber. The statue-voice that had greeted them cautiously before now greeted Damir more respectfully. A large, conspicuous obsidian plate in the floor was revealed to conceal some emergency supplies; Damir asked how to see them, and the plate pulled back to let him take them. He looked at them, finding a box with 50 GP in an ancient mint, a staff, and a pair of odd wooden book-like items. Damir sat and prayed for a moment, then whispered "Let me choose the right path," and took the items. He then left and he and the party returned to the main room to sleep. Damir deposited 6 GP in the altar there, then offered shares to the others. They did not take any, so Damir placed the box into his bag, planning to distribute it later to travelers in need. He then identified the other items; the staff cast simple travelling spells and the book-like items were single-use versions of Leomund's Secure Shelter. Emby traded Damir an ancient gold for one of her modern mint, and later she took one GP out of her purse and placed it in his backpack to cover her share of the "tithe." Peregrine also dropped a couple coins in the altar while everyone else slept. Late the next morning, the sleeting stopped and the temperature rose enough to allow the party to continue on. They reached their destination and set up an extended-stay camp there. Damir and Emby chopped wood and set up their two tents while Peregrine found the necessary wood for Malicor. That night, Peregrine told the two to wait there and brought them a couple deer for food. He told them he would be gone nearly a fortnight and they should wait for him.

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