Hi, Ho; Hi, Ho

After leaving Ferella's, Damir headed over to the Mocmars' house to give them his gift. When he knocked on the door, Mr. Mocmar answered, so Damir greeted him properly in Elvish. He gave Mr. Mocmar the wrapped scroll of blur and wand of web for Emby, then asked if Mrs. Mocmar was home. Mr. Mocmar led Damir into the living room, where Mrs. Mocmar greeted him. Damir told her that he had a gift to repay her for her hospitality (in Common); then Damir handed her the earrings (silver "berry bushes" with rose quartz chip "berries," worth 600 GP). Mrs. Mocmar looked thrilled at the gift, but Mr. Mocmar looked uncomfortable; he took her upstairs and they remained out of sight for a few minutes, and Damir waited (uncomfortable and nervous) for them to return. When they did, Mr. Mocmar offered the earrings back to Damir, refusing them. Damir insisted they take the gift; they discussed this, but they didn't accept until Damir told them that he obtained them legally as a favor owed him by a dwarven priest of Pelor in Nevermoor. Damir even supplied Mr. Mocmar with the name of the priest so he could confirm Damir's story. Mr. Mocmar relaxed a bit at this, and told Damir that he had heard some rumors about Nevermoor. Trying to be friendly, Damir asked what the rumors were - after all, if anyone can confirm or deny them, it would be Damir! Unfortunately, the first question asked regarded the "idiot who got stabbed in the back because he pissed off the raiders." Damir confirmed that this rumor was based in truth, but told Mr. Mocmar that the assassin was killed and the "young fellow" survived. This small slipup caused the Mocmars to pester Damir for more information about the young man; Mr. Mocmar wanted to tell the fellows at work that the story was true. Damir eventually, and reluctantly, told them that the young man's name was Damir. They pressed him further, and he told them parts of the true story - why he had gone to Nevermoor, how he had planned the first capture (Jake), the circumstances behind the second capture (Hagrid), and the resultant chase of the assassin and discovery of the dwarven mine. Damir glossed over all of the details, just telling them the basics, but they were still… surprised, to say the least. Damir told them that he never killed anyone, just wanted to get the supplies to the people of the town; he then bid them goodbye and left. Damir decided to keep a watch over Mr. Mocmar in case the Scarlet Wolves ever decided to go after him for spreading rumors, then returned to the inn and slept. The next day, Damir took Peregrine to meet Ferella. This meeting was rather uneventful. Afterwards, he and Peregrine separated to seek information. Damir talked his way through the wizards' guild in Tantor, but he learned basically nothing there; he left an alias, however, of Fellan Haresbane, and told them to contact him if they met any humanoid spellcasters within the next two weeks. Damir had been claiming that he was a journeyman wizard looking for information on humanoid spellcasters as a research project. After leaving the guild, Damir checked local inns and stables; he also asked around about the banker a bit. He began to spread a small amount of rumor about the banker as a warning, but nothing very damaging. At one of the stables, he found a large, large mount that the stableboy confirmed an orc rode in on. The stable boy didn't know when the orc was planning on leaving, but Damir talked him into letting him check out the horse more closely. Damir pulled a hair from the horse, then checked the tack. While the stableboy was distracted, Damir sabotaged the saddle to break when the orc mounted the horse next, spilling him should he fail to check the gear before saddling his horse. He then told the stableboy that he was very interested in purchasing horses like this one; he would like to purchase maybe 10 or a dozen, and would be willing to pay for 2 up front if the owner could deliver them. Damir gave the stableboy the name Grbac and told him where he'd be staying, then slipped him a silver to ensure he would remember. Later on that week, as he was watching Ferella's house, Damir noticed a man spying on her. Damir carefully followed the man to a gentleman's club in a very upscale area of Tantor. Damir cast Puff and Gone and shadowed the man inside; he had to slip away once inside to recast the spell, then followed the man onto a stairway. Damir reappeared in the stairway as the man slipped inside a door at the top. Damir cast Detect Thoughts when he realized he could not hear through the door; he listed to their "conversation" and realized that they were planning to perhaps kidnap Ferella because of concern over an article in her paper. The man was unconcerned; he was only doing his job; the woman he was reporting to was the concerned one. Damir applied a disguise to himself to make himself look like a dark-haired, beardless half-elven man, then he waited by the door. As soon as the man opened the door, Damir grabbed his arm and tossed him down the stairs. Damir glimpsed an aristocratic older woman (mid-40's to early 50's; named Angela, according to her thoughts) in the room as he turned, cast his last Puff and Gone, and bounded down the stairs. As he bounded over the man he threw down the stairs, he said, "Sorry." He grabbed a rapier off the wall in the gentleman's club and used it once he reappeared to defend himself on the way out. As he exited, he dropped the rapier. He then headed to Ferella's and made her stay at the inn overnight in his room. He asked Peregrine to watch her place in case anyone came by looking for her. That night, the banker came by Ferella's with a bouquet; finding her not at home, he slipped a letter under the door and left. Peregrine brought Ferella the letter the next morning, but she did not read it; instead, she just tossed it into the fire. Damir then told Ferella to stay at the inn and asked Peregrine to watch his back; Damir told them that he had a plan to resolve the kidnapping situation quickly and peacibly, but he wanted someone to watch him in case things went bad. When they agreed, Damir headed to the gentleman's club and walked in. When stopped, he told the doorman very quietly, "Tell your boss, Angela, that I have the proof she desires regarding the article in <Ferella's paper>." The man told him to wait there, and Damir did. When the man came back, he told Damir, "The lady never has heard of that paper. She is very upset at your unfounded accusation and wishes to speak to you in private." Damir replied, "I'm sure I must be mistaken," but in a manner that said, "Don't give me that pile of bullshit," and followed the man into Angela's room. Upon entering, Damir took a minute to look around the room, then looked directly at Angela and said, "I believe you wanted to set me straight about this." Damir spoke to her at length, telling her he was willing to give her damaging information against him and Ferella as proof that Ferella wasn't referring to Angela with the "Tantorian socialite was formerly a whore?" article teaser. She refused the information, but wanted Damir to bring Ferella to speak with her; Damir refused but offered to take her to see Ferella. She agreed to this, and Damir led her to the inn. He let her speak to Ferella alone, but cast Detect Thoughts so that he could monitor the conversation. When Ferella told Angela that the article referred to FERELLA, Angela began to laugh a laugh of near-maniacal relief, and they chatted for just a moment longer. Afterwards, Angela left; Damir opened the door to them as Angela was preparing to reach for the knob, and reiterated the deal, then allowed her to leave unmolested. After this incident, Peregrine returned to his schedule of watching the stables; Damir returned to his information mining after walking Ferella home.

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