I've Got Wood

Upon arrival in Tir Lanca, Damir spent some time gathering information in the elven trading city. He found no one there who could and were willing to speak with him, so he spoke to Peregrine and they agreed to move out into the forest a few days later.
The party set out slowly and carefully, looking out for any tracks and trying to keep moving deeper into the forest so that they will hopefully encounter an elven village. A few hours into the forest, Peregrine encountered some orc footprints (a single orc, a few days old) running perpendicular to our path. He carefully went around them and then continued onward. A few more miles into the forest, the party was accosted by an elven patrol, who had managed to sneak up on the party unseen. The party immediately surrendered, handing over their weaponry. As the elves were beginning to lead the party back out of the forest, Damir tried to negotiate with them to bring the party to a village where he could negotiate as an emissary from the Pelorian province. Before he could secure a guarantee, the ranger leading the elven patrol received some kind of message. Neither Peregrine nor Damir could hear the message, but Damir could tell that the ranger had received bad news. Damir ask the ranger to allow his group’s help. The priest of the elven patrol checked with Ehlonna to see if the party could be trusted. Ehlonna told the priest to trust the party for the time being, so they allowed the party to help and began to give their weapons back. As the ranger was returning Peregrine’s weaponry, Damir asked in what direction the trouble lay. When the ranger told him, “To the south,” Damir began to jog off in that direction. Peregrine sighed, grabbed Damir’s weaponry as well, and headed off after him. After jogging for a few hours, they saw a large group of orcs, perhaps in the 30’s, forming up a few miles away from what the ranger told them was a smallish elven village. Damir had not been seen, so he circled to his right and stepped out of the woods. He called to the orcs (in Orcish), asking them how they were doing. He talked to them, telling them that he needed an army and would pay them well. They played along, advancing on him with the open intention to waylay him. He allowed them to close with him, but as soon as they were close he Dimension-Doored past them about a quarter mile. As they turned to see where he’d gone, the elves and Peregrine opened fire, devastating the orcs before they knew what had hit them. The ranger sent out a cleanup crew to look for their scouts after the main battle. As he was talking to the party just after the battle, he once again received some news. His expression fell again, and Damir said that he was going to help again. He asked how far away the trouble was, and the elf told him a few days’ ride. Immediately, Damir warned him that he was going to cast a spell; he called Amilyn and Peregrine to him and cast Mindshare on the four of them. The elf asked, “What manner of magic is this?” This was immediately answered by Damir: “Useful,” then by Peregrine: “Frightening,” and finally by Amilyn: “Interesting.” The ranger quickly transmitted an image to Amilyn of the teleportation destination; Amilyn then activated the ring, and they teleported outside of a large elven city deep in the woods. The ranger scanned the area and indicated a particular building. Damir, having regained his equipment, drew his rapier and took off toward the ladder. He bolts up the ladder, followed by Amilyn and Peregrine, while the elven ranger begins to gather forces. When Damir bursts into the back room of what turns out to be a magical item shop, he hears an elf’s death rattle and spies a humanoid figure twice as tall as a man with red skin and bat wings, wreathed in flame. Damir headed in toward the room; when the devil (as he later learned it was) came to attack him, he rolled past it and into the storeroom that it was rummaging through. Damir quickly sent a message through the ring of whispering wind about the creature they had found. He started playing his bardic music as Amilyn and Peregrine closed to attack. They sparred with the devil for a while, landing some blows and suffering some serious burns from his spells. Finally, it teleported away, allowing them some time to put out the fires it’d caused and begin bucket-brigading the still-undamaged magical items away. After a few minutes, the devil returned and began raining fire upon the city; the defenders were unable to prepare for this onslaught, and everyone was forced to scatter into the woods as the devil swooped down to find the magical item he sought. The elves revived the owner of the shop to ask him what the item was, since Peregrine had gotten a good look at it (a stone pedestal with a bronze or brass inset in the top); the elf claimed that it was an archaeological find of his from the forest of Salymphuiyn. It was not magical now but had been in the past, but he didn’t know what powers it had held.
The next few days were spent returning the city to some semblance of order and mourning the non-revivable dead. In a ceremony on their final day in the city, Peregrine, Amilyn, and Damir were graced with gifts to restore the items they’d lost or used in the fiery battle with the devil. Peregrine received a quiver of Ehlonna, a bag of holding (both to replace items lost), and a batch of holy arrows (also replacements for his lost arrows). He was given the name Peregrine Farslayer and the title of elf-friend. Amilyn received a new bow, a shield, and some arrows; she also received the title of elf-friend and was given the name Amilyn Oak. Damir received a magical piccolo, scroll case, and quill pen; he, too, was granted a name, Damir Skipping-Song, and the title of elf-friend. Later, an elf approached Damir and Peregrine and informed them that the item that had been stolen was a part from an ancient magical device that had been used in a long-ago war that nearly destroyed the world. He informed them that he was a member of the Druidic Order and would pledge his support and hopefully that of his order in preventing Drummond from obtaining more power. The three returned to Mount Pon the next morning to see how Emby’s research was going after having ensured that the elves would sent more troops to combat Drummond’s forces.
Upon returning to Mount Pon, the party discovered that the wizards were nearly finished cracking the puzzle of maximization. The three left for Peloria to quickly fill in the priests on what had happened, then left Peregrine there to speak with his uncle, who was recovering. Amilyn and Damir then returned to Mount Pon to await Emby’s decision on whether she’d be coming with them or not. After a couple of days, Emby came to talk to Damir. She told him that she’d finished the research and had figured out the maximize ability. She also told him that she’d been thinking about their relationship and had decided to stick with it, despite everything that worried her. Specifically:
"I realize I've been very curt with you this last month when you'd come to visit me, and you deserve an explanation. I needed some time to try and think about you, and what you mean to me. I couldn't do this while traveling with you, because you have your own agenda, and so does my heart. I jumped at the chance to participate in this research, because I needed a respite from the wonders and the terrors that have comprised our recent exploits… Or at least that's what I thought I needed. Instead, I found that the days dragged on, even though I was feeling new energies and exploring mysteries. Talk of the war annoyed me at how little some of the most eager fire-n-lightning wizards here know of true battle. I was unable to learn or figure out anything other than what was being spoon-fed to me. Call it… a lack of inspiration, if you will… the incredible growth I've experienced while traveling with you has all but stopped. I went into this little hiatus hoping to teach myself, once and for all, whether I'd rather live without you or die with you. Instead, all I learned is that I am not the girl I once was. The thing I despise more than anything else is helplessness, Damir. Sometimes I even resent you for throwing yourself into danger, and making me feel it. But being alone here, trying to pretend everything was normal and claim I was serving my purpose as best I could, while you were out there getting into trouble ( - probably, and now I see that I was correct - ) That made me feel worse than watching you taunt monsters. I have bravery, Damir. It's there, deep inside me. But I forget it every now and then. I get so caught up thinking about what I can do, or what I would like to do, that I forget about what must be done. You… remind me of my bravery, Damir. Sometimes, it's just anger that drives me… but sometimes… Gods, don't make me regret saying this… sometimes it's because I'm following your example.
He arranged to tell her about the adventures he’d been through while she’d been studying at Mount Pon, but not until after her magical demonstration of the maximize powder. He told her everything, including how the devil had destroyed the elven city despite their protection. He then told her how she had to make a decision. He told her about their mission, about what they’d learned about the artifacts and about Drummond’s plans. He told her that he’d been thinking about what they’d accomplished, how they’d done things they should never have been able to do. He told her that he believed that fate had plans for them, and that they needed to stop Drummond because no one else was stepping up to do so. And he told her that he couldn’t do it without her. She took some time to think on this, but finally decided to come with him after speaking to Malicor. They spent the night together, and Damir showed her how his dreams had been since he’d heard about Peregrine’s uncle’s kidnapping. MORE DETAILS HERE ON HER REACTION, ETC
Finally, in the morning the three set out for Peloria. Damir asked Emby to marry him there and then. When she agreed, he arranged for the party to spend a week in Peloria to give the guests time to arrive, give the priests time to make the arrangements, and allow Damir time to try to talk the priests into arranging some more holy arrows for their mission. WEDDING AND PRIEST RELATION DETAILS HERE.


Additional, less cohesive notes:

Damir and co are heading into the forest to recruit more elves. Their goal is to sneak in pretty deep then surrender to the first elven patrol they come across.

The first party they come across is a troop of thirty elves en route back to their city after vanquishing a horde of twenty orcs that mysteriously and suddenly appeared this close to the city.

Peregrine's Face obscured by hood, not getting so far ahead. A few noises of unfamiliar wildlife.

Peregrine asked some birds for directions. They didn't know or didn't answer.

20 Questions:

There's a fallen tree ahead, blocking your path. It is slightly overgrown with moss. Its trunk is four feet in diameter at the base, and it was over 100 feet tall before it fell, easily as big as the other trees. Pass Without Trace hides your footsteps perfectly.

(He went around it.)

While advancing through the woods, you notice a lone set of orc-esque footprints running 90 degrees to your route. The tracks look a few days old, and only go in one direction. What do you do?

(Went around them, didn't change directions, made a note of it.)


Before you leave town, a younger elf conversing with his friend utters something along the lines of "I hope he doesn't die while he's here…" Nearby elves wince at the awkwardness; they have heard that Damir speaks elven— apparently this fellow did not.

(Ignored it.)

Large red demon with black bat-wings, fire-based abilities, (Pit Feind; Devil) Robbing a magic shop.

Left with a carved stone pillar with a shaft inlaid with gold or copper. The shopkeeper had found it in Salushin (peregrine's elvish settlement near his home) and it is an old archeological find, a broken piece of an ancient relic which was once magical.

The elves gave Peregrine the name "Peregrine FarSlayer," and some kinda magical quiver of Alahna (1800 gp) Bag of Holding 1 (2500) 20 Holy Arrows
The elves gave Damir the name "Damir SkippingSong," and Piccilo of Accompnyment (5500 gold, will play by itself, add illusory back-up band music, or extend a Bardic Music effect ten rounds (up to your maximum duration.)) and a metal Scroll Case of Holding that conjures up to 5 sheets of paper per day and a pen that continually produces its own ink when pressure is applied.
The elves gave Amilyn the name "Amilyn Oak," and give her an animated shield (6000) Mighty Composite Longbow and 20 Holy Arrows.

And signet rings with representations of your awareded names that mark you as an elf friend and ally.

A druid contacted them, told them about the war, spoke of powerful seige devices that made gods of men. They could fly through the air, move armies from one side of the world to the other, destroy mountains, carve valleys through the land, etc. When the war was over, these devices laid in ruins, but some fragments still turn up, and need to be destroyed. The druid agreed to bolster the forces attacking Dummond, and Damir agreed to assist them in destroying any such items they came across.

Told Emby he'd be back in a few days. They're going to Peloria.

Told the priests they think Drummond is looking for a powerful item, think part of it may be in the citadel, and they're looking to recover and/or destroy that part.

10/18/645 : Damir realizes the concept of something being "too dangerous."

Peregrine chooses to stay with his Uncle in Peloria for a while. Damir returns to Mt Pon again the day before they're finished. Offers his services to the school for a while. Puts on a performance; quality rating 42. Party kinda performance to cheer himself up… I mean, relieve the tension of the upcoming war effort.

He tells Emby everything he did while away, insists that"something" has been helping them, that they've done things they shouldn't have been able to do, and that they need to do this, and that he needs her skills to do it. She is reluctant at first, contacts Malicor. He tells her that it's not important whether heroes are born or made. What's important is that heroes exist.

She makes up with Damir and tells him she missed him. That night, while she's dreaming, is where she decides she's in. The next morning, she's prepping her spellbook and getting ready for battle.

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