The Journey (to Tantor) Begins

Damir, Dextra and Emby

Damir, being a newcomer to the lands outside of town, did not think to purchase "adventuring gear" before leaving for Tantor; for this, he caught hell from both Emby and Dextra. Near dusk of the first day of the journey we encountered a de-horsed cart, in which hid a very whiny human male. He said that some kobolds had ambushed his cart while he and his wife were on the way from Gwivonna to Tantor; they scared away the horses before the man's wife could scare them away, and she went to find them. She, an orc named Orchid, had been gone for a while now, and the man was worried. Somewhat reluctantly, Dextra decided to follow the tracks and attempt to find Orchid. We followed the tracks for a while, encountering some goblins (who, we learned, wanted to give us crappy presents) along the way. We eventually found that the tracks led to a cave guarded by some kobolds. Dextra, Emby, and Damir fired upon the two kobold guards outside of the cave, killing them; we all then fought our way through the kobold caves, Damir and Dextra getting injured in the process (3 subdual, 1 real dmg for Damir; 2 subdual, 1 real dmg for Dextra). Damir killed one kobold outside the cave with his short bow, then became "designated lamp" (using a torch made of shreds of his own shirt) while inside the caves, limiting him to dagger. He killed another kobold inside with his dagger, then looted the kobolds' corpses for their halfspears. He used halfspears to kill another two kobolds further in. Dextra caused many ready-to-ambush kobolds to scamper away by throwing rocks down the curving passageways, startling them. Damir also defused a kobold rap inside the caves; kobolds were hiding behind wooden planks nailed to the walls, ready to slide spears out through slits between the planks. Damir used his torch to set fire to one of the planks, smoking out all of the hiding kobolds. Eventually, the party recovered both horses, Emby dispatching a room full of kobolds with a sleep spell (the ones that saved surrendered). Behind a door in that room we found Orchid, tied up; Damir cut her free while Dextra and Emby tied up the surrendering and sleeping kobolds. Upon her rescue, Orchid rewarded us with a cheese wheel; we also discovered a few pieces of treasure in the kobold caverns, hidden behind a false wall. Damir allowed Dextra and Orchid to leave, then took one of the halfspears he had stolen and sharpened a "blade" into it. He threw this onto the pile of tied kobolds, allowing them to attempt to cut themselves free. The party returned to camp near the cart-people, Damir sleeping on his cloak because he had no bedroll. In the morning, the party planned to continue their journey to Tantor but was distracted temporarily by some goblins who wished to bring the party to see Brokk, the "new leader of the goblins." Damir told Emby that he had dreamt of some melodies that imbued him with power, playing for her and demonstrating that he could now cast Instant Bath. He re-bandaged his damaged eye and they continued on their journey to Tantor.

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