Movin' On Up

The next morning, Damir awakens and helps Mrs. Mocmar get breakfast ready. When Damir returns from fetching water, he sees that Mrs. Mocmar has loaned Ferella one of Emby's dresses for the morning to show her off. Ferella wears this through breakfast but returns it afterward, and Ferella and Damir set out to explore the city of Tantor. Ferella finds out what permits and paperwork are required to acquire a building and set up a business; while she goes to look at some of the buildings for rent, Damir looks into how to acquire a printing press. Ferella and Damir plan to meet back up around noon and have lunch. When Damir meets up with Ferella, he discovers that she has had no luck finding a large enough building for her purposes. Damir, however, journeyed to metalworkers and blacksmiths, finding out how frequently the papers in town go through type blocks and how much they cost. He also found out how to order a printing press and took note of some models and prices. He gives this information to Ferella and takes her to Grokoth's Pantry for lunch; this cheers her up immensely. They agree to go look for more buildings for rent after lunch. While eating, however, Damir feels an odd sensation, as though someone were watching him. When he scans the room, he sees Sylvia and her group sitting at a table nearby; this gives him an idea. He excuses himself from the table and asks the owner of the store if he could play there again, getting a gig that very night from 4 to 8. He then intercepts Sylvia, who leads him out into the street to speak with him. She asks if there is anything she can do for him; he asks her to tell him if there are any buildings for rent of a suitable size for Ferella's needs and within her price range. She agrees to do so, refusing his offers of payment but asking what spells he can now cast. Damir answers almost truthfully, leaving out "Puff and Gone" but telling her about "Cure Light Wounds." He then leaves her and returns to the inn to meet up with Ferella and pay his bill. They spend the afternoon looking for a building but not really finding anything suitable; then Damir returns to the bistro to play. He plays a very fine show, pulling down 3 GP in tips for himself during the night. After the show, he returns to the Mocmar's and eats dinner with Mrs. Mocmar. Mr. Mocmar is away on a business trip. Damir plays some music for the two women after supper, including playing "Silky" on his piccolo to tease Ferella. Later that evening, Ferella accidentally drops a dish and breaks it. Before Damir can stop her, she asks him to fix it. Damir begins to complain, but then capitulates and reveals to Mrs. Mocmar that he can cast Mending. She is troubled by this, but he chats with her and calms her nerves. He then spends a couple hours working on some songs before bed.

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