You Can Never Go Home Again. . . But You Can Shop There

Damir set out upon his errands. His first stop was Mr. Frink's shop, Papers to Rapiers, where he purchased supplies for the inn, some staff paper, and ordered a statuette for Malicor. He plans to pick up the statuette the next day and deliver it to Malicor as a gift to repay him for getting Emby into Mount Pon. Damir then walked to Malicor's house, afraid of what would happen there; however, upon entering, Malicor bid him to wait in the kitchen, and during that wait Malicor locked the most dangerous knowledge from his mind. Malicor then questioned Damir for an hour or so about the school, and Damir told him everything he could remember, leaving out only his own participation. Damir left Malicor, saying that he would deliver something tomorrow and would be gone afterwards. Malicor seemed to be ignoring him at that point.

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