Of Elves and Men

For the next week, the pattern of activity in camp roughly continued as it had been. Damir and Emby spent time together and occasionally slept next to one another, but most nights they slept in their own tents. During the days, Damir worked on his compositions and Emby studied her spellbooks. The two then had another couple uneventful days; they were simply waiting for Peregrine to return. On the fourteenth day, Emby's alarm spell triggered as they were sitting and talking about music. Damir quickly grabbed his bow and nocked an arrow, then cast Speak With Allies on Emby and himself. Emby stayed in the tent and prepared a spell as Damir walked around looking for the intruder. Damir cast Dancing Lights and sent them on patrol but could only catch minor movement and shapes. He yelled for the intruder to show himself, and Emby made herself invisible. Finally, a ranger entered the clearing; Damir could see that he was a middle-aged elf who had been badly injured recently and who had lost much of his gear. Damir cautiously asked him over and asked why he was lurking; the elf distatefully answered him in Common, telling him to speak in his own tongue. He told Damir that he was an elven ranger on patrol and needed healing, food, and a place to sleep. Damir began to offer him those and told him to come over and sit for his healing. The ranger ignored him and patrolled for a minute, asking where Damir's companions were. Damir told him only that they were "around." Finally, the ranger came to sit by Damir, who healed most of his wounds using two spells. As soon as he'd finished, Emby slipped out of the tent to see; the ranger noticed and went for his bow. Damir tried to stop the ranger from firing as the ranger yelled for the invisible creature to stop. Emby, panicked, kept running; the ranger, equally panicked, shot and hit her. Damir, incensed, immediately pulled his rapier from its scabbard and sliced the ranger's bowstring, then drove his blade deep into the ranger's arm. Damir told the ranger to drop his weapon, but the elf ignored him and ran into the woods. Peregrine, who had been returning to camp and had heard the commotion of the fight, happed to be in the perfect position when the elf broke through the trees; seeing a longbowman facing him down with a kill shot readied, the elf surrendered. Damir scolded the elf, calling him a worthless and horrible example of his race, and told him he would have his food and rest; Damir told him that he would keep his promise and repair his wounds, but that he owed no explanation regarding his presence to the elf. He then stormed off to care for Emby's wounds. Peregrine talked to the elf for a while, greeting him as a fellow ranger but making little progress socially; he decided that the ranger was in the wrong and decided not to scold Damir for attacking him. Damir cared for Emby's wounds and spoke to her about the elf; he told her that he was so angered because of the man's intolerance and disgust toward humans and half-elves. Damir then told Emby he needed to cool down, and he went to bed. The next day, the party woke early and left at full speed for Gwivonna. When they arrived, they gave Malicor his equipment and stayed overnight, then left the next day. Peregrine purchased some horses so that they could travel more quickly, and they headed out of Gwivonna toward Olidammara's Valley, the region that the last remaining Scarlet Wolves seemed to be heading towards.

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