Old Friends and New Lives

Upon arrival in Tantor, Damir mailed off two letters he had prepared; one went to his parents, telling them he was safe in Tantor. The other, longer letter he sent to Chastity, telling her that he had made it to Tantor; he also wrote that he was sorry he couldn't stay in Gwivonna longer and speak with her more, but that he was looking forward to hearing how she was doing. This letter was written in semi-formal elvish. Damir then spoke to Peregrine, telling him that he had a friend with some connections in town and needed to speak to her briefly alone. They went to the inn where Damir had stayed before; Peregrine remained there, and Damir went to visit Ferella. He waited outside her door, hiding, until she came home; when she opened the door and walked in, he followed close behind her to frighten her. She nearly slapped him when he startled her like that, but he interrupted her by yelling at her, "You've been writing about me!" She was confused about what he meant until he spun around and pulled his shirt off, showing her the scar; then her eyes widened and she dropped what she was carrying. She slumped into a chair, and he interrogated her about what she knew of his misadventures. After she told him about her minimal knowledge (the mine raid) and saw Malicor's stone-encased book, Damir gave her some false profiles based on people in Nevermoor and told her to write an expose about how these people where suspected of being the ones who cleared the roadways of bandits. With that business aside, he hugged her and told her it was good to see her again, quickly closing the clasp of her necklace (platinum chain with rose quartz pendant, worth 6900 GP) around her neck. When she looked at it, she told him it was too pretty and that he should give it to Emby; he told her that he had a different gift for Emby. She, of course, asked what it was, so he showed her the ring. Ferella immediately went into full-on girl mode, asking if he had decided how he was going to propose. Damir told her it was not a proposal gift, it was a goodbye present. Ferella told him that he was wrong and shouldn't give it to her; after all, telling a girl you love her and giving her a ring does not say "goodbye," no matter what your mouth may say! Damir told Ferella, "It is a symbol of my devotion to her. It represents my undying love for her even though I must not see her. If she decides that she wants to wait for my return, I will rejoice; if, however, she moves on, I will not be surprised. I will survive." Ferella, unbeknownst to Damir, is so touched by this that she decides to novelize it into a short-story romance piece involving "Dirk" and "Emily." Damir then spoke to her about her experiences in town; he discovered that she is being forced to pay protection money, as are all the businesses in the neighborhood. Damir tells her to get in touch with him if they ever become more of a threat and he will take care of them. She told him he was crazy for thinking he could handle them; Damir cast Eagle's Splendor and told her that he's learned a few tricks of his own while he's been away. He also asked if she was going to put HER life story into the paper after he saw a notation in one of her papers about "a rising socialite in Tantor being a former whore." Ferella told him that a banker in the business association recognized her - a "satisfied customer" - and was pissed off that he could no longer just wave money under her nose and get whatever he wanted. Damir took out a gold coin and jokingly offered it to her, to which she replied by gathering some papers and offering them to him. Damir laughed and asked a bit more about the banker, then settled in to chat with her a bit about lighter topics. He showed her the liquid pleasure and asked if she knew anything about it. When she told him she didn't, they tested it a bit, first on skin and then ingesting a drop. Damir showed her Damir's Distraction, asking her opinion of its effectiveness. They then chatted a little while longer, and Damir asked a bit about the banker, finding out his name. Finally, Damir admitted he needed to leave. He asked her to show him out, and when she opened the door for him, he cast Puff and Gone and disappeared into the night. Damir decided to get some dirt over the next few days regarding the banker so that he could begin to discredit the man; if the banker decides to release Ferella's secret to try to embarrass her, he plans to unleash the hounds against the guy. Damir also realized that Ferella's birthday is coming up in about a month and a half or so; he decided to keep the mirror to himself until her birthday so that he can give it to her as a gift then.

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