Once More Into the Breech

Notes on Loot

  • Sold crossbows, bolts, broadswords to Bastion for 4 CSW potions
  • Gave young black dragon's head to priests for magical items
  • Sold hide and blood to the priests for 100 GP, also for magical items
  • left Drummond's book in priests' possession, but made a copy - Emby trapped it with a fire trap spell, then polymorphed it to look like the original (intended to leave it as a trap for Drummond)
  • Sold paper to the priests (described how to make some magical item, but we didn't find out what)
  • Sold the mundane library to Bastion
  • Sold the lab gear to the priests in exchange for a light mace +1 for Amilyn

Drummond's Book

The book talks about the makeup of a particular type of magical construct, one which seems to have been originally designed by elves for defensive purposes. They stay in one area and defend it, and function poorly if removed by force. The author of the book claims that they were used extensively in "the great war generations past," and that some have continued to function and guard their designated sites "long after the war which killed thousands of thousands of thousands of people of all the great races." The book is filled with notes on the internal and external designs, the way they fight and move, and theories on how to create one. At the end, it is implied that the author finally succeeded in duplicating the ancient golems he discovered. Apparently, his creations were unable to keep this book from becoming part of Drummond's personal library. Emby researched further and could find no other mention of a war that had ever killed that many people. In fact, she doubts that many people could have ever lived at one time. She believes the figure to be hyperbole, and the golems to be the product of some smaller skirmish, but she can't find a likely historical incident that matches the book's brief allusions in the short amount of time she's had to look.

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