On the Road Again

That night, Emby realizes just how short her time is. She must head out NOW NOW NOW if she wants to have any chance of reaching Mt. Pon in time. Even then, they can't afford to take the roadways; instead, they must cut through the woods, taking the direct route to Mt. Pon. Dextra agrees to come along, calling us idiots as the woods can be dangerous and we wouldn't last two seconds without a guide. We had checked around to see about renting horses, but because of recent rashes of horse thefts, the cost has become prohibitive for those of our… meager income. Damir volunteers to carry ~25 or 30 lb. of Emby's books and other luggage for the journey, and the three set out upon their "second quest." The first night, the group makes it a few miles, then decides to make camp for the night - after all, traveling at night is begging for trouble. Dextra scouts for firewood while Damir and Emby set up camp; she says as she leaves that she will return after about 20 minutes. When she does not return, Emby and Damir become worried. They begin to hear noise around the camp, which they identify as the footfalls of someone sneaking up. Damir pretends to tend to his bow while he readies for an ambush; when Dextra comes into the light, Damir nearly shoots her but catches himself just in time. Camp is set up, and the girls go to sleep while Damir stands first watch. Since it is his very first watch, he is quite nervous and keeps his center by humming to himself. Dextra shushes him after a while. Damir sits quietly and listens to the crickets, owls, and other critter noises until his four-hour watch has passed; he then wakes Dextra so that she can stand watch while he tries to get some sleep.

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