A Panel of Experts

Upon reaching Peloria, Damir left Peregrine for a short while and negotiated his way into talking to a higher-up priest. He asked about his scar and had the Pelorians make sure there was no trace of taint in it; since it was demonic in origin, he felt "better safe than sorry." Since the priests found nothing amiss except for the physical scar itself, Damir and Peregrine left the next day and walked to Gwivonna. Damir suggested that they stay at his family's inn, telling Peregrine that he'd cover his room for the night. That night, he talked to his parents for quite a while, explaining to them that he went to help the Pelorian priests but leaving out where he did so. He short-circuited their worries by surprising his mother with her halo-around-rose-quartz-chip silver earrings (worth 1200 GP). He also slipped 5 platinum coins into his father's hand; his father said, "I cannot a-," then froze when he saw the coins were platinum and not silver. Damir interrupted with, "You can, and you will." He also presented them with the blood-ruby-tipped, enchanted arrow, telling them to hang it over the door to the kitchen; he told them it would bring them luck, knowing full well that the Magic Circle Against Evil 15' radius would ensure that it did. He then went to bed. In the morning, he spoke with his parents again over breakfast, telling them he must leave again but had people to see in town first. He told them not to worry and explained to them that he would write as often as possible and would be in town again in the future, he just didn't know when. He then left to speak with Malicor. Damir cast Puff and Gone to sneak by Mrs. Frink's house unnoticed, then spoke with Malicor for a while. He showed Malicor the new wand and scroll he had aquired and asked if they would be appropriate to give to Emby. He then answered Malicor's request about what he had been doing in Nevermoor… in a very matter-of-fact way, with no embelleshments or left-out segments. Malicor asked what stupidity had driven him to Nevermoor in the first place; Damir admitted that this was hard to put into words, but he felt someone had to do it, and he felt he could. Malicor told Damir to return later, and Damir disappeared and snuck out of his house, heading towards the schoolhouse. He spoke to Miss Bliss for a while, telling her about the scar, about his motivations, and how the Nevermoor situation troubled him. When she questioned him about that, he cast Eagle's Splendor and told her that he had gained powers that made his earlier fears about the temptations he was feeling all the more potent. He then took out the music to "The Life" and showed her the sketches, telling her that he was less worried now because he had found his center. He then played the song for her (Perform 34). When she let slip that she was concerned about her path, Damir told her that she may be right and may be more useful to Pelor elsewhere, but that he could not answer that; he told her that she would never know how valuable a service she performed here, and that because of her teachings, creatures that most others would consider "monsters" were "people" to him. This seemed to touch her, and Damir turned to leave; before he left, though, he told her that if she needed anything to call upon him. He then left and returned to Malicor's. Damir tried to avoid Mrs. Frink, but she spotted him and tried to call him over to talk. Damir talked circles around her, though, and escaped to Malicor's house with little delay. When he reached Malicor's, Malicor handed him a book. The title caught Damir's eye - The Adventures of Damir Krupalia - and gave him pause. Damir told Malicor that he did not think giving Emby this book would be a good idea; Damir did not want her exposed to some of the things that happened to him in Nevermoor. Malicor, surprisingly to Damir, agreed; he cast a spell that encased the book in stone, explaining that when she can break the enchantment she would be ready to read the contents. To convince him of this, however, Damir had admitted to Malicor that he loved Emby; he told Malicor that though his path was set away from Emby, he would always love her and wanted her to remain safe. When Malicor handed the now stone-encased book back to Damir, he mentioned that by the time Emby broke the enchantments, much of the book's contents would have become… "academic." Damir took this to mean that Malicor thought he would be long dead by then, and he said so. Malicor replied, "Don't think that you know so well what I am thinking." Damir countered by saying, "I never pretended to know what you were thinking, and admit that most of the time I have not a clue; however, I thought that you made that point blatantly obvious." Malicor ehh'ed at this, and Damir began to leave. He then turned and apologized for causing Malicor an inconvenience by requiring that he watch over Damir. Malicor replied that Emby required it, and he gladly did it for her; to which, Damir replied, "Still, I caused the request by my actions. Consider the debt mine to repay." Malicor did not reply to this directly, but said, "For what it's worth, I hope your luck holds out." Damir replied, "As do I, sir," and left to meet with Peregrine and head to the Silky Doll. Damir told Peregrine of his plans to head for the whorehouse, and Peregrine replied with, "I do not partake in that kind of… entertainment." Damir said that he did not plan to sleep with the girls; when Peregrine said that was missing the point of a whorehouse, Damir replied, "There are many travellers who pass through this town; much information passes through that whorehouse." Peregrine thought about this for a minute, and then replied, "You would make interesting prey." Damir said that he thought he would take that as a compliment; Peregrine's reply to this was, "You have a knack for doing exactly not what others expect." Damir replied that he would definitely take that as a compliment, and the two proceeded to the Silky Doll.

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