Pokey Sticks

Damir and Dextra make it nearly halfway to Peloria before Dextra really says another word to Damir. She then mentions that he is being rather quiet. Damir claims that he was just trying not to annoy her and remains quiet for a while. During lunch, Damir finally asks Dextra to help him learn how to use his new rapier, or at least how to look like he knows how to use it so that he looks more threatening in case they are attacked. Dextra shows Damir how to hold his rapier and use it a little, then goes into the forest and brings back two sticks, one the size of a rapier, and one the size of a longsword. She hands Damir the rapier-sized one and tells him to hit her. Damir manages to hit her in the upper arm on the first try, surprising both himself and Dextra. After swinging at her for a while, mostly missing but connecting a few times, Damir lands a hard blow on Dextra's abdomen, doubling her over; Damir makes the mistake of dropping his guard to make sure he didn't hurt her, and she swings full-on into his gut as well. They spar for a while, with Dextra emerging as the clear winner; however, Damir does manage to land a few decent blows and start on his training in the rapier. The activity makes Dextra ill, however, and Damir uses a Cure Light Wounds to heal her subdual damage and help calm her stomach. Afterwards, they continue on. Dextra tries to ask Damir what he's thinking about, and Damir attempts to BS his way around answering ("nothing important"). When Dextra calls him on it, he finally replies that he is thinking about "personal matters." After this, however, whenever they stop for a meal or to camp, Dextra and Damir spar so that Damir can learn to use his rapier better.

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