A Quick One

Upon their return to Bastion, the party asked to see the head priest and begged his assistance in reviving the bugbear for interrogation. When the head priest agreed, Peregrine stepped out for a quick search (looking for acid to use as an interrogation tool). He missed the first part of the interrogation due to his failed search, but Damir began interrogating the bugbear anyway. He told the bugbear that if he didn’t answer his questions, Damir would tear the information from his mind. The bugbear seemed to believe him, telling him freely what he’d asked. The bugbear told Damir he’d been magically forced to raise an army and try to bring a magical item to Drummond. The item was egg-shaped, gold, and was locked. The bugbear said that he had a key to open it in his horse’s saddlebags; Damir quickly asked the priests to send a message to the Citadel’s guardians to search for the horse. (Luckily, they found the key and delivered it to Peloria for Damir to retrieve.) Damir inquired more of the bugbear but found that he’d been sent away very soon after Damir’s own escape from the hideout and knew little more than Damir already had found out. Peregrine, by then having returned, asked a few questions pertaining to his uncle; the bugbear did not recognize his name. Damir allowed the bugbear passage to Peloria, where he would stay until Damir gave him permission to leave. Damir arranged to send the bugbear with a priest or two so that he could approach the city safely.
Having accomplished their interrogation, Damir’s thoughts (as well as Peregrine’s, of course) immediately turned to the rescue of Peregrine’s uncle. Unsure of how exactly they would affect his rescue, they decided to travel to Mount Pon the next morning to elicit magical assistance. Peregrine paid for some single-use teleportation items that would allow them to leap to Mount Pon and some charms that would grant them a bonus to their saves (in case of mind-reading attempts). They left the castle, ostensibly on a mission to Peloria to acquire some gear. That night, Peregrine (as they had planned) pretended to turn on Damir and Amilyn, “poisoning” them with a fake knockout draught after they’d set a watch. He bound Damir with poor quality manacles he’d purchased for this mission, throwing aside a fake rapier Damir had purchased for the occasion. Peregrine then carried Damir’s “unconscious” body into the woods for a few miles and placed him against a tree until he “came around.” When Damir pretended to awaken, he bluffed an argument with Peregrine and faked trying to escape from his handcuffs. Peregrine blew a whistle he’d acquired that would summon Drummond’s attention when he’d captured Damir and arranged for the trade. The whistle had been booby-trapped with a Hold Person spell, but Peregrine had arranged for that to be dispelled at Mount Pon. A few moments later, a tall half-elf in plate armor arrived via teleport very nearby Damir’s position. Simultaneously, and with a failed attempt to be quiet, an orc appeared, similarly garbed but a hundred feet or so back behind Peregrine. Peregrine reacted to this as usual, threatening the two minions with feathered death should they not both come into his sight slowly and carefully. They, seemingly not the patient sort, attacked; however, they telegraphed enough of their intentions to allow Peregrine a good shot. The orc, knowing Peregrine’s weakness, closed in on him and cut him badly as the priest healed his newly-sprouted sucking chest wounds. Damir signaled Amilyn and began to retrieve his sword, which had been hidden in Peregrine’s bag of holding and put on his belt. Upon freeing himself, he stunned the priest and attempted to help Peregrine by casting some helpful spells on him. Damir rushed the stunned priest, knocking him to the ground, and set up a coup de grace on him. The orc and Peregrine fought for a couple more seconds until Damir brought to their attention that he had the priest by the short hairs, so to speak. Damir managed to talk the orc into a position far enough away from himself and Peregrine that they’d be safe, but his dire rat still sat near Peregrine’s uncle (who they’d found out was in the brush near where the orc teleported in, tied to a log). Damir had Peregrine and Amilyn check on him as he talked the dire rat away slowly. Suddenly, he cut the priest’s larynx and yelled “Kill the rat!” Peregrine fired two arrows into the rat, killing it on the spot, as Damir ran back toward them. The orc managed to catch up to Damir briefly and knocked him down, cutting him badly, but he managed to roll away and get back to Amilyn and Peregrine’s uncle. He grabbed them and yelled, “Go!” The assumption was that Peregrine would touch his uncle as well and they’d all be gone; however, Peregrine did not do so. He stayed to fire arrows at the priest, but the orc had leaned over him to heal his throat. The orc took the brunt of the attack; this angered him. The priest cast a flame strike at Peregrine, missing him but allowing the orc time to charge. The charge nearly cost Peregrine his life; he barely managed to break his “teleport trinket” in time, and arrived back at Mount Pon’s doorstep where Damir and Amilyn waited for him with his uncle. Damir healed him, calling him an idiot for staying. He and Amilyn then healed everyone present and mended their clothing so they wouldn’t be conspicuous. They retired to Mount Pon to sleep and recover their gear. They left word they’d be teleporting to Peloria the next day. On arrival there, they asked the priests to care for Peregrine’s uncle, recovered the key to the artifact they’d heard about from the bugbear and planned a mission into the elven forest of El’terran to search for allies. They planned to teleport to Tantor, teleport from there to Teveron, and walk the road through Vezhny to the border town of Tir Lanca. They left word of this path; Damir sent word to Emby; and they planned to leave the next morning. Damir then spent some of the day helping the priests and the rest putting on a short concert (39 Performance) and working on his song. Due to his recent actions (the trolls), Emby’s recent attitude towards him, and Peregrine’s uncle’s kidnapping, his mind is whirling with unpleasantness; he’s not sleeping exceptionally well, and he’s looking for anything to keep his mind off of these problems. He is thus grateful the next day when the party sets out for Tantor and beyond.

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