Return to Sender

The party arrives in Teveron, staying close together to ensure that they have fewer problems from pickpockets. Damir arranges for innrooms for the party, then suggests that they stay away from him when he roams, preferably in the shadows. The next day, Damir begins to play some old songs that Lance Jethro used to play. He is accosted by some muscle, who "suggests" that he get a permit to play. Damir tells the muscle to bugger off and send a real representative if they want money, but that he doesn't take well to threats. He is later approached by a more businesslike person; Damir flippantly gives him a couple gold and leaves for "his" streetcorner. That afternoon, Damir is approached by a young man who challenges him to a streetcorner duel. Damir recognizes him as looking like Lance Jethro but wants more proof, so he accepts the duel. He loses, but not horribly, proving that the man at least has great skill in the performing arts. Their lute battle over (Lance Jethro preferred the lapharp, but Damir knows he was proficient with all stringed instruments). Damir asks "Lance" to a bar and talks to him for a while, drawing Lance's rapier and fingering it. Damir asks where the rapier was and how he acquired it. When Lance answers correctly, Damir accepts his identity as truth and explains how Damir got his hands on the rapier. He explains that Allicanadra was looking for help in fighting off this incarnation of the Necromancer and sent him to find Lance for help. Lance wonders briefly if he can help at all, but decides to try; he then leaves immediately. Damir returns to the party and discusses the situation with them; they agree that they should now go to the Citadel to look for anything that might help them or hinder the Necromancer. They set off the next day and spend the next fortnight en route. During the trip, Damir spends a lot of time covertly staring at Emby. On the fifth day of that, she notices him doing so. He admits to her that he's been thinking and thinks there's a reason for their arrangement - the fact that he's a bard and she's the student of a DragonSlayer seems significant to him. MORE HERE

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