The Second Coming

Damir decided he should give Emby a day to catch up with her parents before he went to visit her, so he waited until Monday to see her. When he went by her house (unadorned with weaponry or armor, wearing only his winter clothing, his scroll cases, and a pouch carrying her ring), he discovered that she was actually at Ferella's. Damir chatted with Mrs. Mocmar for a moment before bidding her good day and leaving for Ferella's… to be ambushed, he was sure, by two conniving, brilliant women. The conversation started out reasonably enough, with him claiming to have settled down. Emby asked what had happened in Nevermoor, and Damir told her the basics (sans details) of everything except the crypt run. He also gave her Malicor's stone-encased book, telling her that Malicor said she should be able to crack it eventually. Damir only agreed to tell her the "abridged version" because she looked so upset and concerned. Damir also told her an abridged version of what came of the Scarlet Wolves who had escaped to Tantor. After all this, Emby asked if the scar is as scary as the rumors say. Damir, momentarily flubbing, asked "The scar… on my shoulder?" Luckily, Emby misses the significance of this; she asks to, then insists upon seeing the scar. Damir tells her he must take off his shirt to show her, then does so. As he does, he notices that Emby is getting a little flustered by seeing him shirtless; this makes him smile a little, but he hides it well. He tells her, "It's not really that bad," and shows her the scar; she is very upset by it. She asks how the guy did this using just a knife, her voice quivering slightly. Damir tells her that he doesn't want to tell her much more about the guy - he was not a good man, after all. When he says this, she continues, "It looks like some… thing with… metal claws… just grabbed a chunk of your flesh and… twisted…" as she ran her nails over the scar, pantomiming. Damir gasped at the unexpected touch and his heart pounded a little harder, but Emby didn't seem to notice. Damir turns quickly to look at her; she is about to cry looking at this. Damir uncertainly caresses her cheek, telling her that it's all in the past. Emby grabs him, trying to control herself; she tells him that he didn't deserve such an attack, then holding him tight and trying not to cry. Damir holds her, rubbing her back, until she settles down; she apologizes for being "irrational," to which Damir replies, "Not at all," as he smiles tenderly at her. She looks into his eyes for a moment, then closes hers and leans in slightly. Damir immediately jumps at the opportunity and leans in to kiss her, timidly at first, then more confidently. They kiss for a minute or so, lost in each other, with Damir whispering in her ear that he loves her. Then, suddenly, Damir remembers that Ferella is in the room and starts. Damir apologizes for starting, telling her that he just remembered that he had something for her. He talks her into sitting with him in the privacy of the lee of the press for a minute. He stutters through the beginning of the explanation of the gift, then pauses, takes a deep breath, and tells her that he had the dwarves make this for her as a token of his love. He tells her, "I'm going to have to leave again, and I don't know exactly when or when I'll be back. These people… they have to be caught… and Peregrine and I have to do it. And you'll be at Mount Pon… I don't want you to forget me. And… I want you to know that I love you. I want you to have this to remember me while I'm gone… ." With that statement, Emby begins to sob again, and Damir pulls her to him. She sobs, "Damir… please don't go after them… you can't! I'm just starting to… I'm just starting to get to know you for real… you mustn't risk your life chasing down these evil men, Damir… it's not worth it… they're not worth your life!" Damir explains to her his reasons for going after these people, and she tells him that he should have Miss Bliss, or Malicor, or someone stronger than him go after them instead. He cuddles her, calming her and telling her why he has to do this. After she's settled a bit, she steels herself, pulls away from him, and demands every bit of information he has about the orc wizard. Damir tries to refuse to tell her, saying that he couldn't stand it if she were in danger because of him, but she will have none of that; she retorts, "Exactly the position that I'm in." Damir reluctantly agrees to tell her everything, but asks that she open her gift first. She opens the ring box, exposing the fine platinum ring with ruby chips (worth 9,000 GP). She smiles and puts it on a noncommittal finger. Damir stands, puts his shirt back on, and apologizes to Ferella for abandoning her temporarily. Ferella tells him that she's just happy the two finally got it together, prompting Emby to blush and say, "Who said we were together?" Damir then told Ferella and Emby the whole story about the orc, leaving nothing out. When Emby found out that he had been struck by a lightning bolt and scarred again, she asks to see this scar as well. Damir tells her that he would have to remove his pants, embarrassed; she freaks for a moment, wondering where he'd been hit. When he tells her that the scar is on his right hip, she was actually relieved. He told her that he would look into having the scars healed next time he was in Peloria and had money. This caused Ferella and Emby to question Damir about how much money has passed through his hands and how much he had now. He bluffed his way past this a bit, not telling them how much the jewelry they have is worth but telling them that he still had some gold saved for emergencies. When Emby and Ferella told him that he should get the scars repaired "because his looks are important to him," he mock-insultedly stood and said, "Well, then I'll improve them if I'm so shallow." He then cast Eagle's Splendor to increase his Cha to 24, dropping Emby's jaw in the process. With that demonstration, Emby queried him about his spell progression. He told her about the new spells he'd learned, leaving out the description of Damir's Distraction. He also told her how often he could cast. She told him that he was learning as fast or faster than she was when Malicor was instructing her, but on his own. He then said, "Well, I have been in some… stressful situations recently. Perhaps that might contribute?" Emby agreed that might have contributed. The conversation wound down into more general topics after that, and Damir chatted with both Emby and Ferella for a couple hours. When Emby decided she should return home, Damir offered to escort her. The two walked in silence for a minute, Emby taking in the sights and Damir thinking. Suddenly, Damir asked Emby if he could ask her a question. When she agreed, he asked if he might take her hand. She allowed him to do so, and he followed up with a second question. He told her that he loved her and always would, and that he understood that she would need some time to think, then asked her if he should remain at arm's length for a while to give her some time. She agreed thankfully and held him for a moment, telling him that she did need to think and was glad that he understood that. She admitted that the kiss earlier had been unexpected but had just felt so right, and Damir smiled at that. They then continued on toward Emby's house, hand in hand, chatting idly. When they came close to Emby's house, Damir released her hand and continued to walk her home, but left immediately at the door so that he could not be intercepted by Emby's parents and asked to stay. Afterwards, Damir returned to his inn room and gathered his lute. He then went to Ferella's to talk to her for a little while. He apologized again for abandoning her and asked her out to dinner and a performance - his. He admitted to Ferella the worth of her necklace as she was getting dressed to leave, causing her to prick herself on an earring. This put Ferella into a rather… intense state of shock. Ferella then INSISTS upon seeing his new scar - Damir reluctantly agrees to show her part of it (the top) and indicates where it stops. As they were trying to leave, they were interrupted by the banker; when Damir answered the door, he bluffed that he was with Ferella and pretended to throw a jealous hissy fit. The banker took off, and Damir and Ferella had a good laugh until he returned with two guards. Damir and Ferella managed to bluff their way past the two guards, and the banker let it drop. He remained to try to give Ferella a letter of apology, but Ferella tore it up. Damir gave the man some advice - let it go for a few weeks, then come to her and apologize to her face to face like a man. The banker left (believing that Damir was Ferella's bodyguard).

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