Second Showing

Damir secured another half-day performance, 1-5 PM, at Grokoth's Pantry. Sylvia again showed up for the 4 o'clock hour, but she didn't sit with her friends in the corner. Instead, she sat front and center, pretending to read, watching the door. Damir asked her name as he was leaving the building (and was given only her first name), then waited a little down the road for her to come out. After she did, he followed to talk to her. Sylvia led Damir to a snow cone parlor, and Damir cleaned off a bench (using mending) to allow Sylvia and him to sit. They spoke for a while, Damir admitting that he found Sylvia attractive and asking her "three favorites." Damir's blatant pronouncement that he found Sylvia attractive rendered her temporarily speechless. The evening ends with Damir walking Sylvia to a three-plus-star Elven restaurant and telling her goodbye at the door, convinced he won't see her again. As Damir left her at the restaurant, Sylvia began to raise her hand to his face, but stopped before touching him, went poker-faced, said something to the effect of "you'll have to do better than that… " and then turned to go into the restaurant. Damir told her goodbye and pondered her action; he thinks that she was just picking on him, thinking he was using a poor pickup line. Damir shrugs this encounter up to a learning experience, "knowing" he'll never see her again and coming to the conclusion that he just won't get the opportunity to know this woman. Her remark at the end, "come see me if you need anything," Damir feels meant something, but that something escaped him. He thinks she was just trying to be mysterious. In order to kill some time before the whorehouses open, Damir decides to research Sylvia a little and finds out some basics about her.

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