Selling a Soul

After leaving the dragon's lair, Damir suggests to the party that they head toward the Valley of the Sun. He asks them to wait in Vehzny, the border town, with most of his equipment while he continues into the nexus city of Teveron. They agree. There, he puts out the word that an unnamed party would be willing to pay skilled merceneries for assistance somewhere to the northwest. He arranges to wait in a bar to talk to anyone interested. He waits with Detect Thoughts up, bluffing that he's not paying attention. He's first approached by a representative of the Olidammaran temple in the area, then by a member of the local thieves' guild; he offers both of them the same deal. They are to meet up in Peloria and work with the priests in return for a share of the loot. While the thief is speaking to Damir, he notices another invisible presence listening in. As the thief leaves, he asks the invisible presence to stay (reading that he's a representative of the assassins' guild), saying that he has a special offer for him. Damir offers to talk to him about the details later. He is met in his room (having given them time to break in and meet him there). He negotiates for the assassin's guild to meet up with him in Peloria, where he'll give them details on their target, but tells the rep that he wants to have a man killed. He negotiates 10 shares of the loot in exchange for their help.
After this exchange, Damir returns to Vehzny to gather the party. They decide to head for the Citadel via the most direct route possible. They journey to Teveron and teleport back to Tantor, riding their horses along the road towards the Citadel. In Gwivonna, they luckily notice a pair of men creeping around Malicor's burned-out home. The group sneaks up to the house, looking for trouble. Emby notices Mrs. Frink sneaking up on the house, but she has no time to do anything about that. Peregrine and Amilyn take up positions in the holes where the big windows once stood, and Damir and Emby guard the front door. Damir turns invisible and rushes in, but he is heard. Peregrine and Amilyn rain down fire on this cue, hitting and eventually killing the polymorphed sorcerer. When he falls and shifts shape, the party acts with renewed vigor to kill the rogue. They bring him down with a disabling blow and tie him while he's unconscious. Quickly, they strip the pair of every item of value. While doing so, Damir finds out about the phylactry that the sorcerer carried, the curse upon it not quite escaping his keen eye. He realizes that it twists men's minds toward evil and suggests that they quickly take the pair to Peloria, leaving the sorcerer's head intact for the moment. Peregrine reluctantly agrees, and the party rides off to Peloria posthaste.

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